CLASS OF 2016 | 2018 | ISSUE 1

Miranda Haymon is an artist-in-residence at the Roundabout Theatre Company in NYC, serving as assistant director for two off-Broadway shows and one Broadway show, as well as developing her works-in-progress through Roundabout. She’s always looking for audience members so if you’re curious to see what she’s up to, hit her up!

Lizzie Paquette is finishing up the dual-degree engineering program at Columbia and graduating with a B.S. in computer engineering. Last summer she worked as a software engineer at Facebook, but come this fall, will be starting a job as a software engineer at a Y Combinator startup called Pagedraw in San Francisco.

Michael King and Abby Gruppuso are in Huatulco, Mexico, to work on a language learning startup. They have been eating a lot of tacos. They are also looking to collaborate with a product designer, so if anyone has experience, reach out!

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CLASS OF 2016 | 2017 | ISSUE 3

After graduation, Rhys Langston Podell returned to Los Angeles, his hometown, and has spent his time painting, writing, and performing/recording music. His album Full Frontal Incumbent, an Incongruous Mixtape, was released last November and earned him the cover story of L.A. Record’s fall issue and an in-depth feature with LA Weekly. He is performing on both coasts, promoting his new album, Aggressively Ethnically Ambiguous. He remains the poet laureate of his living room.

Scarlett Harris is attending The George Washington University for an accelerated bachelor’s degree in nursing, and is pursuing her long-time career goal of becoming a nurse-midwife. She been working multiple jobs, including attending births with a home-birth midwife in California. She reflects, “I cannot help but appreciate my time at Wes and acknowledge how much my experiences and relationships there shaped the path that I’m currently on.”

After a year working in the healthcare industry, Mike Greenwald is now teaching calculus at the Westminster School in Simsbury, Conn. Since graduating, he competed in several marathons, including the Chicago and New York marathons. He writes, “I’ve carried the lessons that I have learned at Wesleyan both into the classroom and out on the roads: community, perseverance, and hard work are second-to-none companions when aiming towards success.”

Max Winter and Max Jones (also known as “Mad Maxes”) ran the Chicago Marathon on October 8th on behalf of the American Cancer Society. All donations went towards cancer research and treatment.

Mia Kolomatsky spent a year working as an English teacher in Madrid, Spain, and is now serving as an AmeriCorps member with City Year in Boston.

Glenn Cantave started a group called Movers & Shakers that uses virtual reality, augmented reality, and the creative arts to execute direct action and advocacy campaigns for marginalized communities. Their current campaign aims to remove Columbus-related imagery from public spaces, streets, and institutions. The group’s performance art piece at Columbus Circle had a $40 budget, and recordings of the performance received more than one million views online.

For a year, Madeline Keane worked at Prehype, a venture capital development firm and incubator. With the company she helped open a problem-based learning private elementary school called The Hudson Lab School in Westchester, N.Y. At the end of July, she left for Sauðárkrókur, Iceland, to play for a soccer club called Tindastóll. At the end of that season, Madeline signed with an Italian team and now plays for ASD Catania Calcio Femminile in Sicily.

Maria Massad has been enjoying her time in Chicago and celebrated her one-year anniversary working on the digital advertising side at Tribune Publishing for their Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, and San Diego Union-Tribune properties. She has done some freelance film production work for a local documentary company and volunteered to do e-mail copywriting for a gubernatorial candidate in Illinois. She enjoyed having Jessica Seidman ’15 in town for the summer and reuniting with Hope Kabel ’14 during the spring. She notes, “I’m just loving life!”

Tabitha Gillombardo started a new job as a strategist for a female and minority-owned consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. She was featured as her high school’s September/October Alumna Spotlight. The interview can be accessed on her LinkedIn page.

After graduation, Samantha Hellberg started as the program coordinator for the Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorder and Complicated Grief Program at Massachusetts General Hospital. A manuscript, based on the work she conducted at Wesleyan as part of her honors thesis under the mentorship of Dr. Mike J.F. Robinson, was accepted for publication in Behavioural Brain Research. She is applying to doctoral programs in clinical psychology in hopes of building upon her education at Wesleyan and MGH to further examine the mechanisms and treatment of anxiety and stress-related conditions.

Kobi Bordoley lives in NYC with fellow classmates Noah Gup and Gabe Lipton Galbraith. He works at the Civilian Complaint Review Board, investigating allegations of police misconduct with Gabbie Carpenter and Rachel Ellman ’15. Surprising no one, he and Miranda Haymon continue to plot daily. He is seeking more endorsements for “Opening Jars” and “Augury” on LinkedIn and notes, “Don’t be a stranger and please stop by!”

Tim Israel recounts a fond memory—hitting a home run in an intramural softball game, and then going to Taco Bell to celebrate.

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CLASS OF 2016 | 2017 | ISSUE 2

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 on their recent graduation! We are excited for them to join us as the new additions to the Wesleyan alumni community.

Nikku Chatha completed Wes’s BA/MA in math and is working at Andrew Davidson & Co. in New York. She was glad to see so many ’16ers during R&C weekend!

Celia Joyce has been working at New York County Defender Services, a public defense office, since last fall as a corrections specialist. She makes referrals to charitable bail funds, plans and executes regular trips to Rikers and similar corrections facilities across the boroughs, and serves as a liaison between attorneys and social workers, clients and families, and various DOCCS employees. She is preparing to take the LSAT and GRE in hopes of pursuing a dual degree—a JD/PhD in psychology.

Melissa Leung and Sarah Mi frequently ring in Kellyn Maves and Taran Carr throughout their perpetual hunt for authentic Chinese food in Rockville, Md., because Kellyn and Taran have cars, while Melissa and Sarah do not. The group also visited Wes for Commencement, and is planning camping and winery trips for times ahead.

Melissa has moved onto a supply chain management project with IBM, completed a flag football season with her IBM start class, plays on their softball team, toured Rome with her gospel choir, and works on portrait in her oil painting class.

Matthew Stein is a software engineer at YouTube in Mountain View, Calif. In his free time, he plays violin and viola with the Google orchestra, a klezmer trio, and a string quartet, and designs puzzles and puzzle hunts.

Tim Israel is in Portland, Ore., and says, “come chill.”

Michael King has been building a startup that aims to make language learning efficient, organized, and enjoyable: a dynamic curriculum that adapts to your level and your content, placed on top of personalized music and media, language exchange, and spaced repetition flashcards.

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CLASS OF 2016 | 2016 | ISSUE 3

Jackie Freed moved back to LA and got her real estate license a month after graduation. She joined the family business, BKF Properties, and is looking forward to helping fellow Cardinals find a place to land out in Cali!

Trisha Arora just moved to Boston where she is working for Epsilon as a business systems analyst. She also just adopted a kitten named Legolas.

Rachael Metz is moving to Santiago, Chile, with her twin brother (Jordin, Tufts ’16), from September to May to immerse herself in the Spanish language and Chilean culture. Her goal is to be fluent (or close to it) by the time she returns home. They will both get their international certifications to teach English, then will look for jobs in teaching and tutoring English. If any Wes alumni are in Chile, please reach out!

Miranda Haymon has jumped right into rehearsals as the directing fellow at Arena Stage in D.C. If anyone is in D.C. and wants to see a show, let her know!

In August, Abby Gruppuso moved to Taiwan to teach English through the Fulbright program. She is living in Taichung, the third largest city on the island, and is teaching fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. Abby recounts, “Taiwan is beautiful, the food is amazing, my students are unbelievably cute, and my coworkers have been super welcoming.” She is excited for the year ahead.

Instead of spending all of August au pairing in Istanbul as planned, Melissa Leung took up a new German friend’s offer to accompany her to her home in Germany. This spot served as Melissa’s home base for the days she didn’t spend touring Europe. Melissa met up with Wy Ming Lin in Cologne, too! Now Melissa is in East Asia traveling with her two sisters (one a Wes ’10), stopping in Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou. She just signed her lease with Sarah Mi.

 Samantha Hellberg has been working as the program coordinator for the Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She has been really enjoying her first few months, even though she started just off the heels of graduation (within less than a week!). She’ll be working there for approximately two years, as she develops her research and clinical skill sets further, and applies to clinical psychology PhD programs.

Caroline Shadle moved to Manhattan to start a new position at the Joyce Theater in Chelsea. She is living in an apartment with two Wes alumni, as well as across the street from two other Wes alumni—reminiscent of Home Avenue.

Nina Channing is pursuing her MFA-2 in interior design at the New York School of Interior Design after spending a fulfilling summer helping with Dylan Fernandes’ successful primary campaign for the state representative seat in Falmouth, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket.

Former housemates Alessandra Cervera and Liyan Yao are having post-grad separation anxiety, and miss each other dearly. Sandi is doing cognitive development research at Yale, and Liyan has been accepted to med school, deferring to January. In the meantime, Liyan plans on taking some time off to spend with friends and family.

Emma Buford moved back to NYC to pursue the arts. She loves being in her hometown and continues to spend time with family and fellow Wes alumni. She will be in a production at the Joyce Theater this October, thanks to a connection made by Caroline Shadle, and will also be singing at a fundraiser in November.

Hannah Sokoloff-Rubin has picked up her stuff and moved across the country to Portland, Ore., to see what the whole “West Coast” thing is all about. She’s working for Planned Parenthood as the community education and outreach coordinator in Washington County and hopes to spend as much time in the outdoors as possible.

Jack Reuter just got a job working at a golf course as “the person who drives around in that little cart picking up balls from the driving range.” Jack reports, “That’s about it. Living at home, job hunting. Life is good.”

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CLASS OF 2016 | 2016 | ISSUE 2

Newly equipped with Wesleyan diplomas, the Class of 2016 continues to venture into post-grad life. We’re traveling to new cities, signing our first leases, and getting used to no longer wondering how many meal points we’ve got left.

Miranda Haymon is enjoying time with her family at home in Boston before moving to Berlin, Germany, for the summer. She will be taking on this adventure with Lynn Ma and Russell Thomas ’17. Miranda also plans on meeting up with a lot of other alums while there. Afterwards, she’ll head to D.C., to be the directing fellow at Arena Stage.

Matthew Siegelman, doing cognitive neuroscience research at MIT, has moved into a house with a cat.

Celia Joyce is traveling around Europe for the summer, visiting 10 countries and 19 cities throughout her adventures.

Melissa Leung is prepping to take her driving exam, and also au pairing in Barcelona and Istanbul this summer. In the fall, Melissa will be traveling to Southeast Asia before moving from New York to D.C., where she will be joining IBM as a consultant in the public sector.

Bulelani Jili will be a member of the 2016 class this fall at the Yenching Academy, an elite interdisciplinary graduate leadership program at Peking University in China. The academy hosts a program designed to cultivate global leaders with broad critical thinking skills and a cultural understanding of China. Bulelani is excited for this opportunity, and believes that this experience will greatly add to his understanding of politics and its ills, and also to his passion for crafting concrete public policy solutions, especially for a geopolitical landscape that continues to shift increasingly towards China.

Madeleine Junkins is a research associate in the neuroscience department at NYU Langone Medical Center. She’ll be moving to Brooklyn with Nina Stender and Alyssa Glanzer, and is excited to meet up with Wes alums in NYC!

Ellen Paik moved to Manhattan and started work in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs. Ellen is still getting used to the bustle of New York City, but enjoys the abundance of delicious pizza, New York bagels, and fellow Wes alums. Ellen also continues to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat.

Thank you to those who wrote in! Hope to see many of us during Homecoming Weekend later this fall!

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