CLASS OF 2016 | 2018 | ISSUE 1

Miranda Haymon is an artist-in-residence at the Roundabout Theatre Company in NYC, serving as assistant director for two off-Broadway shows and one Broadway show, as well as developing her works-in-progress through Roundabout. She’s always looking for audience members so if you’re curious to see what she’s up to, hit her up!

Lizzie Paquette is finishing up the dual-degree engineering program at Columbia and graduating with a B.S. in computer engineering. Last summer she worked as a software engineer at Facebook, but come this fall, will be starting a job as a software engineer at a Y Combinator startup called Pagedraw in San Francisco.

Michael King and Abby Gruppuso are in Huatulco, Mexico, to work on a language learning startup. They have been eating a lot of tacos. They are also looking to collaborate with a product designer, so if anyone has experience, reach out!

Ellen Paik |