CLASS OF 2015 | 2018 | ISSUE 1

Ariel Lesnick received her master’s in educational leadership and policy studies from Boston University. She is looking forward to not having schoolwork and spending time with her newly-adopted beagle.

Lina Mamut combined her loves of technology and food with her latest startup, Cheffer. Cheffer is an online kitchen gadget rental service, and combines customized top chef-developed recipes with hand-picked appliances. Lina has a crowdfunding campaign running to bring Cheffer to everyone. More info at

Christopher Tugman is going to London to open the UK office of the company he works for, Hubdoc. If any Wesleyan grads are around, he’d love to connect.

Chazelle Rhoden has been creating I’Luja Collective, a community organization that facilitates community organizing by using art and the principles of liberatory education, direct democracy, and co-op economics.

Andrew Hove, Julia Chanin, and Zia Grossman-Vendrillo wrote in to say hi.

Katherine Lu is back in Orange County, Calif., learning about medical devices and manufacturing at Applied Medical. When she is not in a bunny suit—and it is definitely as cute as it sounds—she is learning how to safely change lanes and heed traffic signals. She goes up to San Francisco once a month to see familiar faces.

Rebecca Sokol, in 4 4law school at the University of Colorado in Boulder, is pursuing environmental law, public lands, and American Indian law. She’ll be interning in Portland, Ore., this summer and would love to connect with Wes folks there.

Ismael Coleman’s family moved to the UAE in 2017. He spent the beginning of the year in Dubai, learning about the culture. Last year he started a technology and marketing company VIBESPLUS that builds apps and digital marketing campaigns ( This year he launched Easy Orders NYC that provides custom ordering apps for restaurant and retail businesses ( He would love to connect with other entrepreneurs and travel enthusiasts.

Hannah Yasin took two years off to gain meaningful clinical and life experiences and to prepare for the MCAT. She first worked as a medical scribe at Mercy Hospital’s Emergency Department, then as a waitress at Texas Roadhouse, and finally as a patient care assistant in the Cardiology Unit of Sparks Hospital. She entered medical school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. She is very hopeful and excited for what the future holds!

Cherkira Lashley is a 12th-grade English teacher at Advanced Math and Science III. She’s an official Jesus freak, and still has enough juice in her knees to school her students in basketball. And, Tim Gallivan is DJing and teaching Math, too!

In between working at MTV in NYC and working on a virtual reality docu-series called We The People with Glenn Cantave ’16 and Rebecca Wyzan, Danielle Pruitt has put her film and environmental studies degrees (lol) to work by starting an e-commerce company called Buy The Way. Buy The Way, LLC has its very own online Amazon store featuring offbeat yet extremely useful products with a socially-driven mission. A percentage of their profits will go to a rotating portfolio of nonprofit organizations. She writes, “If your mug doesn’t collapse, you need a new mug—trust #ad. Check us out on Instagram @ohbuytheway!”

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