CLASS OF 1996 | 2019 | ISSUE 3

Hello, ’96ers! Just a few updates this time:

Jesse Wegman, his wife, and their two daughters, Sami and Natalya, live in Brooklyn, surrounded in all directions by Wesleyan alumni from all years. He is still on the New York Times editorial board, where he writes about the Supreme Court and legal issues. His first book, Let the People Pick the President, is being published in the spring. It’s an argument in favor of the national popular vote.

Sara and Colby Evans moved to Edinburgh temporarily in February with their children Quinn (11), Malcolm (10), and Ruby (8). They had a great time exploring the city and returned home to Austin, Texas, in time for the school year.

Nina Erlich-Williams writes: “In August, I brought my two kids (ages 11 and 13) to NYC for a few days to give them a taste of life in the Big City—much different from their small-town life in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. We were lucky enough to stay with Dara Federman in her lovely Park Slope apartment. One of the highlights of our visit was spending a day with Dara and her two daughters kicking around some of the sites. So fun to get the next generation together!”

Thanks for the news. Keep it coming!

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