CLASS OF 1995 | 2019 | ISSUE 3

Katy writes for this issue: As the end of 2019 grows near, we can anticipate the coming of 2020 and our 25th Reunion! As we look forward to getting together face-to-face, I am glad to share news from our classmates to catch us all up.

Wes couples Thy Pham ’97 and Tyler Moriguchi and Min Lee ’97 and Alejandro Santandrea ’97 loaded up their kids into an RV for an eight-day trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Evenings were spent reminiscing about classes, dorms, MoCon, and the student art gallery. Plans are already in the works for an Alaskan adventure. (BTW, Tyler contributed to class notes for the first time—heartily welcomed!)

Julie Zaidler ’95, MA’96 shares: “After completing my Wesleyan education and subsequently receiving an MBA from NYU, I landed in pharmaceutical industry doing market research in immuno-oncology. I lived in NYC for 10 years, and four years ago made a move to the Philadelphia area with my husband and two boys. Still adjusting to suburban life (and travel soccer schedules) but enjoying a somewhat slower pace. I am actually on my way back from vacation in North Carolina as we speak, and we stopped in Virginia to visit Miriam Liss. So good to see good old friends, have the kids meet each other for the first time and reminisce!”

And, speaking of whom, Miriam Liss also wrote: “I am married to Julian Kilmartin ’94. We live in Fredericksburg, Va., with our two kids Daniel (13) and Emily (11). I am a professor of psychology at the University of Mary Washington, a public liberal arts college in Fredericksburg. Julian is a school counselor at our local high school. My most recent news is that I published a textbook (with two co-authors) called Psychology of Women and Gender.”

Ken Kwiatkowski now has three boys, Roman, Adam, and Sebastian, and is enjoying life in Jersey City with his lovely wife, Anna.

Eric Meyerson writes “I’m still living in San Francisco with my family, with both of my kids enjoying the chaotic public school system here. Hard to believe I’ve been here 19 years. What happened? I’ve had some wonderful personal Wesleyan reunions this year, including a night out in D.C. with Jason Walta, Seth Kaufman, and Julie Knauer, pho and coffee with Ned Lazarus in Virginia, margaritas with Bill Goldberg ’94 in Maryland, a recent dinner here in San F with Ben Foss, and a night out with Mark Ladov ’94 and his kids in Brooklyn. Career-wise, I made a deliberate move to cleantech this year, given the dire state of the environment and need for rapid modernization. I’m now VP of marketing for Software Motor Company, which makes ultra-efficient electric motors that slash energy demands from heating and ventilating buildings and farms. I’ve been traveling to Wisconsin a lot to support a strategic partner that makes ventilation systems for agriculture. Ask me anything about cows. Moo.”

Lara Tupper shares, “I spent a beautiful summer afternoon in the Berkshires with Mireille Abelin ’96, Chelsea Farley, and families. I’m thrilled to say that I have two books coming out in 2020: Off Island, a novel based on the life of Paul Gauguin, and Amphibians, a linked short story collection. Hope to see all of Clark 4 at the Reunion in May!”

Beth Price writes “I had a great visit with Dawn Peters Weinstein and Dave Weinstein ’94 and their two kids on their way to vacation in Edisto, S.C. They’re living in Cambridge, Mass., where Dawn is a pediatrician and Dave works for Brandeis University.”

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