CLASS OF 1958 | 2019 | ISSUE 3

I received a note from Dan Woodhead. He is still in San Francisco and has two grandsons on Stanford’s varsity men’s water polo team. He declares himself lucky to have son Jeff and daughter-in-law Laura close by. Dan informed me that a fraternity brother and close friend, Dave Mitchell ’59, died last March. We recalled what a fine football player and human being he was.

Bart Bolton is hoping to arrange a 65th high school reunion and reminds me of our annual luncheon at our favorite Irish pub.

Art Geltzer still travels extensively, hitting Latvia, Russia, Sweden, and Norway. Dennis Allee divides his time between Florida and Cape Cod. He is into jazz and pottery.

Good to hear Roger Turkington is retired and enjoying life in Florida. He is happily married to Angela, a former patient of his. During retirement he has published 500 poems. His recent poem volume was selected to be featured at the International Book Fair 2019 in Frankfort, Germany.

Nothing new to report from Burr Edwards. Still in southern France and not working in Africa.

Liz and Neil Henry headed for Ocracoke on Sept. 1 for two weeks. I hope that Dorian gave them no trouble. His daughter, Betsy ’89, still lives in Washington, D.C. Her three boys are in 11th, eighth, and fourth grades. The oldest is 6’3” and the second is almost as tall. Were they Neil’s genes?

A letter from John Foster told of moving and coming upon the program for our graduation in 1958. He sent it to me. I have one and if anyone would desire this one, let me know.

Tony Codding wrote, “After downsizing a year ago, the remodeled condo and living arrangement in Newmarket, N.H., have exceeded expectations. Currently serving a third non-consecutive term as condo association president that I plan to relinquish in February.”

Kay and I are doing well. I suffered a brief case of gout and was forced to stop drinking beer (at least temporarily). On Aug. 17, Kay and I visited East Boothbay Harbor, Maine, and had a lovely lunch with Poog and Bob Hayes. Enjoyed their company and will spend more time next year. While visiting my son in New Hampshire I planned on a lunch with Dick Goldman and Bob Wuerthner. Threat of thunderstorms cancelled our plans, but, we hope to make lunch at the Andover Inn an annual event.

I speak to Ted Wieseman regularly by phone. He is in the D.C. area and keeps me updated on Art Levine and Walt Karney. Both are doing well, but Art no longer golfs and now loves cruises and lifelong learning. In recent months I have conversed with Ezra Amsterdam (still playing tennis and practicing medicine), Rick Pank (very active in his community), and Bob Fisher (living the good life south of San Francisco). Keep the messages flowing. Still dreaming about a 65th Reunion.

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