CLASS OF 1958 | 2019 | ISSUE 1

Tony Codding’s note tells that he sold the house where he and his late wife had lived for 41 years and moved into a nearby condo. He missed Reunion, having to be at an open house over Memorial Day weekend. Tony is serving his third nonconsecutive term on the condo association board and still facilitates strategic planning sessions for nonprofits.

Don Hill is very active, coordinating an economics institute at Stanford for the 32nd consecutive year. He serves on a library board, visits a grandson at Harvard, and plays tennis twice (or more) a week. He and wife Ann are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary with a trip to Berlin and Paris.

Retired physician and current poet Roger Turkington lives in Brooksville, Fla. His next book of poetry will go on sale on Amazon in April and his volume of collected poems is projected for 2020.

During his career, he lived in 46 states and was a visiting professor at 24 medical centers in North America and in seven European countries. He keeps in touch with Pirkko and Burr Edwards, who live in Lectoure, France. He still takes on projects in Africa, but is doing less of it. He contemplates a winter trip to southern Florida and New York City.

On Feb. 2 Bart Bolton will arrive in Sarasota for three weeks. He laments the passing of Charley Denny and hopes that he, Warrin Meyers, and I can meet for lunch in Punta Gorda.

Two notes from Dick Goldman. One, he was told that an article he wrote on networking was published in the American Bar Association Journal. Two, he is now in Key Biscayne with wife Patty. He mentions a call from Wayne Fillback, who attended Wesleyan for two years. In Florida Dick will play golf, tennis, and even pickle ball.

My former roommate, Dan Woodhead, sent me a passionate e-mail dealing with politics. He had a conversation with Barry McCaffrey, a 1960 Andover alumnus. Bob Hayes also reports on a long phone talk with Dan, who follows sports and politics very closely.

Betsy and Dick Tompkins are in their winter home in Vero Beach. They go back to Minnesota for four months in the summer. Marcia and Carl Van Etten are neighbors and both couples are doing well.

Andrea and Gary Iseminger moved from their 50-year-old house to a condo in downtown Northfield, Minn., about a mile away. Andrea had hernia surgery and Gary has contemplated a knee replacement but has decide against it and has befriended a cane. He has retired from playing in the Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra and in a local jazz group. He will teach an aesthetics course in January and stays abreast of philosophical doings at the Carlton philosophy department. He and Andrea feel they are very fortunate to have the Minnesota orchestra and the St. Paul orchestra an hour away.

John Corkran reminds me that John Arnold and Phil Van Orman both died recently. John’s daughter in Rhode Island bought a home on property that includes a marsh and she enjoys the wildlife.

Kay and I visited our daughter and family in The Hague from Dec. 20–30. I was invited to play golf! I declined, as any Floridian would. All is well with Kay and me. Still work with a personal trainer to try to stay in shape.

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