CLASS OF 1957 | 2019 | ISSUE 1

New directions and Wes recollections from our class correspondents, so we will get right to it.

Hank Fulton’s noteworthy event last year was a trip that he and wife Nancy took to Glasgow, Scotland, the occasion highlighted by Hank receiving an award in recognition of his biography of John Muir, a Glasgow physician of the 18th century. He was given a “freedom of the city” token that must have come to good use, given his reference to “all that walking.” The Fultons then went on to Stratford and London during the three weeks they were away. In family matters, Hank reports that their four children are doing just fine in locations primarily in Pennsylvania and New England.

Another writing recognition—this to John Chaplick from the Florida Writers Association in the form of a silver medal awarded for his novel, Parchments of Fire, at the organization’s annual meeting in Orlando.

In the nostalgia category—if there is such in the column—Dick West writes that he and Mike Stein would make “spontaneous trips” to Smith looking for dates and that on one springtime jaunt their contact lady was none other than Gloria Steinem and there was Tom Lehrer entertaining on the college greensward. Upon their return to Middletown, he and Mike found the campus in an unusually hushed manner in the wake of an episode that, well, is best lost to memory.

We learned of Al Jay’s Antarctica antics in our last magazine and Dr. Al reports that he’s holding his own following a third hip surgery. He adds that medicine was more enjoyable from the other side of the desk. Enjoyable for him lately is following the progress of 5-year-old granddaughter, Maya, on the soccer field.

There were warm holiday greetings from John Allison and he says he stays in touch with Sigma Nu brothers Tony Arena ’55, John Ineson ’55, and Bob Provost ’58.

Bill Fullarton is learning Spanish, to help keep the “cranial synapses” functioning.

Bob Gorin’s grandson, David Gottlieb ’22, has completed his first semester at Wes and is writing for the Argus, covering sports including volleyball and hockey. His late dad, Brian ’88, was goalie on the 1987 Little Three champion team.

Bill Pratt has moved from ortho surgery to politics in his home state of New Mexico. In 2018 he filed as a Democratic candidate for their House of Representatives, won a primary, then the general election with 51 percent of the vote. With a new governor and a diverse legislature, Dr. Bill looks forward to improvements. He says he is once again a freshman at age 83.

From Washington State, Bob Anderson is keeping active with his artwork. He is taking a life drawing class and producing in a wide range of media including clay paper sculpting and bas-relief. He recalls being part of a group that led Professor John Risley to hold the first sculpture class in the DAC in 1955, and further adds that in another art class, Professor Butch Limbach advised his students not to quit their day jobs. That surely resonates with yours truly.

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