CLASS OF 1963 | 2018 | ISSUE 2

Our 55th is now history. And it has been a few months since 21 of us gathered to consider our lives then, now, and in the future. Here they are in alphabetical order—Tucker Andersen, Colby Andrus, Harvey Bagg, Gerald Baliles, Howard Black, Dave Buddington, Jim Dresser, Jack Emmott, Doug Evelyn, Bob Gallamore, Fritz Henn, Ronald Herriott, John Kikoski, Dave Landgraf, Stan Lewis, Byron Miller, Bill Roberts, Don Sexton, Fred Taylor, Peter Treffers, and Ron Wilson. We were aided and abetted by John Driscoll ’62, whom we dubbed an honorary classmate.

Prior to Reunion, several classmates (Marty Hatch, Jim Dooney, Russ Richey, Bill Roberts, Dave Landgraf, Harvey Bagg, Jim Dresser, John Kikoski, Peter Treffers, Doug Evelyn, Don Sexton, and I) worked hard at planning our schedule. Kate Quigley Lynch ’82 was our primary planning support staff member at WesU throughout it all.

The weekend began Friday afternoon with a moving seminar led by Bill Roberts on the circle of life and rites of passage, with the focus being on rites for those approaching “elderly” status, which now applies to us. That conversation continued at our class reception that evening.

Saturday’s highlight was a related discussion among ourselves, including many spouses, on the challenges that come at our age. The discussion was both reflective and broad, touching on ongoing education, current personal life experiences, and ideas to add new meaning to our lives. With four classmates who were former Wesleyan trustees among the returnees, we also probed the condition of the University today and its continued vitality in producing critical thinking and engaged citizens.

At lunch for all classes post-50th, we heard from Athletic Director Mike Whalen ’83, who talked about the gratifying increase in WesU’s athletic success. We are no longer the doormat of the Little Three. As you may have heard, on Graduation Day our varsity men’s lacrosse team won a first-ever team National Championship for WesU!

On Saturday evening, our honored professors emeriti guests were Richard Buel, Dick Miller, and Mark Slobin. Like at our 50th, we watched a slide show of artworks of 10 classmates (Colby Andrus, Stan Lewis, Tom McKnight, Byron Miller, Don Sexton, Dan Snyder, George Tapley, Bob Travis, Lew Whitney, and Scott Wilson), but unlike our past Reunion dinners, we tried our hand at karaoke and all joined in to sing the Highway Men’s “Michael Row Your Boat Ashore.”

On a sad note, I received word of the passing of Jim Reynolds. Originally from Longmeadow, Mass., he loved athletics and could be drawn easily into the smallest argument about sports, especially with Steve Humphrey. Jim was especially proud of his son’s elevation to major league umpiring. Many in the Lodge and beyond will miss him.

In the next edition of our magazine, I will return to reports of individual classmates, and while at Reunion, I was given names of some who are thought to have never appeared or have not been heard from in these notes for too long a time. I know it’s early but let this be your first invitation to come back to our 60th Reunion. Mark your 2023 calendar for May 25 to May 28 when we hope to gather again. Till then, be careful crossing streets, look both ways, and practice breathing in and out diligently every day.

Byron S. Miller |
5 Clapboard Hill Rd., Westport, CT 06880