CLASS OF 1962 | 2018 | ISSUE 2

Toni and Bruce Corwin celebrated their 50th anniversary “surrounded by family and friends including Jay Levy ’60 and Rick Tuttle.” He also writes, “Small world time: Next to our offices in Los Angeles, Dave Fisher’s daughter, Charlie, has opened a chiropractic gym. If you’re in the area and your back is bad, drop in. She’s great!”

Tuli Glasman, retired from the University of California, is a volunteer “spending time with elderly groups (ages 85–100) at the Santa Barbara Center for Successful Aging.”

Sad news is the passing of three of our classmates. Charles Armstrong died in June in Winter Park, Fla. After graduating from the University of Missouri Medical School, he practiced in Winter Park and Atlanta before opening a family medical practice in Alexandria, Va. Jeff Hughes passed away in February in New York where he spent many years in financing and banking with Lehman Brothers, and opened his own private equity firm, the Cypress Group. Fran Voigt died in May at his home in Cabot, Vt., after many years as the founder and president of the innovative and award-winning New England Culinary Institute. Many of us still fondly remember the fabulous dinners that Fran and his students prepared at two of our Reunions. Full obituaries can be found online here. Our condolences go out to their families.

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