CLASS OF 1969 | 2018 | ISSUE 1

Sadly, we got word that John Perry Barlow passed away in February. John dressed as what he was, a Wyoming cowboy who instinctively knew the future, whether in music, science fiction, or politics. Writer, poet, activist, Grateful Dead lyricist, Kennedy confidante, Internet pioneer. From Mitch Kapor’s jet he wrote, “Accept nothing. Big Brother exists. Act up.” One of John’s few societal concessions—his forever love for his daughters, Amelia, Anna, and Leah, the Barlowettes.

Steve Broker “heads the Connecticut Ornithological Association, studying peregrine falcons and ravens in Connecticut, and marsh birds on Cape Cod. Brother Tom ’66 and I are exhibiting our collection of cast iron banks in Roanoke.”

Tom Earle wondered “How many of us are still working, how many retired?”

Jerry Martin “shifted gears toward eventual retirement. Still sending my best students to Wes. Grandson Luther is a highly literate Vermont farmer. I look forward to Homecoming with daughter Lyllah ’99 and classmates. Best to all.”

Ron Reisner was “back for Herb Kenny’s tournament and looks forward to lacrosse in the spring and the June golf outing. I talked with roommate Harry Nothacker and feel amazingly well 50 years removed from playing. I’m involved in the discussion of the interplay of the athletic and admission programs. Wes should have diverse ethnicities, religions, and some athletes, too.”

Denny Marron said, “Hi to Wes Tech friends, many Eclectics. Living well in Madison with wife Jo-Ann and retired from the electronics industry. I drive the senior bus. Daughter Dana, son-in-law Peter, and three grandchildren live in Marblehead.”

Alex Knopp is “on the Connecticut Transportation Policy Advisory Council, looking at long-range issues. Visited California and Upstate New York. Hope all is well with Class of ’69ers.”

David Siegel wrote, “Our per capita health costs far exceed most other countries, with worse results. We are going in the wrong direction. I support Medicare for all and work with physicians for a national health program.”

Maurice Hakim ’70 said, “In fall 1969, Wes football was undefeated, won the Lambert Cup, and qualified for the Boardwalk Bowl. That legendary season impressed Bill Belichick ’75 and led him to Wes.”

Cheryl and Jeff Powell “reside in New London, N.H. I’m retired from internal medicine, but continue to work at the local hospital, seeing former patients and colleagues. Three grandchildren—5, 11, and 14. We sail coastal Maine and rendezvous with Vickie and Rob Pratt.”

Darius Brubeck “started the year at Ronnie Scott’s in London. We’re working on a PBS jazz documentary. I planned to slow down, but will be playing in Poland, Italy, and the UK.”

Bob Berkowitz is “professor emeritus of psychiatry and pediatrics at UPenn and CHOP. Still active in behavioral health, research, instruction, and clinical care for kids. Hope to be at Reunion. Celebrated 47 years with Barbara.”

Tony Mohr wrote, “All well here. Made it through the fires, just outside the evacuation zone of the Skirball Fire. Working on an environmental case in the California Court of Appeals.”

John Bach was “moved by Bill Sketchley’s submission, remembering Bill’s marvelously wry sense of humor.”

Frank Putnam is “a professor of psychiatry at UNC. Recent book, The Way We Are, doing well. Learning to make YouTube videos is an interesting exercise packaging science for millennials.”

Doug Bell “enjoys first grandchild, Dawson. I’m grateful for good health and friends. I would be happy to share insights into ketogenic diets, fasting, vitamins, lectins, and sugar if contacted.”

Howard Brown “saw John Mihalec at 50th Reunion planning session. Looking forward to that.”

Jim Adkins “reported temperatures in the 50s in Clearwater and have lived in Palm Harbor since 1984.”

From Cilla and Rick Pedolsky: “May you live in interesting times. We hope 2018 includes lots of caring, curiosity, joy, justice, love, liberation, wit, and wisdom.”

Steve Greenfield “lives in Minneapolis, married to Kit Hansen for 48 years. Family live close. My retirement project is traveling to see birds and nature all over the world. Have periodic contact with Jeff Smith, Bob Davis, and Steve Gleich.”

Ken Elliott reported “a very cold winter in rural Maine. I’m on the faculty at UM Augusta, but have suspended active clinical practice. I’m going to the Czech Republic on a teaching exchange, building bridges between UM and Technical University of Liberec. Looking forward to the 50th.”

Pete Pfeiffer wrote, “On the road in my pick-up, drifting around the U.S., looking for an alternative to logging in the North Woods. Haven’t found it yet.”

I attended Homecoming with Jimmy Dreyfus, Rip Hoffman, and Rick McGauley. Great day. Campus a jeweled Eden. So much open, honest friendship and love. And Wes crushed Williams.

Late January brings snow. We walk to Mersina’s for lunch. Deb has a burger. I have grilled salmon over wilted spinach, napped with olive oil, lemon, and oregano. Returning, we read the menu at Penny Lane Pub, window shop at the bookstore, buy bouquets and scented candles at the florist, and laugh at the subdued snowblowers in front of the hardware. In the condo, Seth Glier sings from the boombox and a vegetable soup hides in the crockpot. If any of this sounds good, we have a spare bedroom.

Love always,

Charlie Farrow |

11 Coulter Street, #16, Old Saybrook, CT 06475