CLASS OF 1996 | 2017 | ISSUE 3

Hello, all! Thanks to those who shared their news.

Shu-Mei Chan had an exhibition of ceramic works at Sculpture Space NYC in October.

Chris Meredith moved to Bellingham, Wash., to take a position in private practice with a group of three neurosurgeons. His two children are in preschool and pre-K and enjoying the outdoor life.

Colby Evans and Sara Kirchhoff Evans love living in Austin. They sold their dermatology practice last year and are spending more time on gardening (Sara) and coaching fencing (Colby). They visited Japan and Ireland this summer with their children, Quinn, 9, Malcolm, 8, and Ruby, 6. Colby completed his tenure as the chair of the board of the National Psoriasis Foundation and continues to volunteer with the organization.

Shelby Hyvonen writes, “After 15 years in California, we packed up two years ago and moved back East to raise our kids (Fern, 9, and Otto, 7) near family. We are living the quintessential New England small-town life in the Happy Valley (Easthampton, Mass.), just ‘down the road’ from grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a wide community of friends. I’m working at Baystate Medical Center as a clinical child psychologist and my husband, Seth Koen, is immersed in the art world here, both through work and studio practice, with a recent show in the Hudson Valley and an upcoming one in San Francisco (our first trip back to California since our move two years ago).”

Dacque Tirado ran into Stacey Samuel in the NPR offices in D.C., at an event for the NPR podcast What’s Good with Stretch and Bobbito, hosted by Bobbito Garcia ‘88.

Elura Nanos Kish lives with her family in Cherry Hill, N.J., where she is a TV lawyer and media figure. She is a featured columnist for where she regularly enjoys riling up e-haters who would never have survived Wesleyan. Last summer, Elura and her family spent a great couple of weeks in San Diego with Shana McDaniel, who is an anesthesiologist.

Leigh Needleman shared the following: “Back in February, Ellen Bourque Johnson, Rebecca Bookie Neuburger ’95, Amy Todeschini, and Sasha Dennis Moreno had a long-awaited get-together in Boston. Much fun was had romping around the Boston area and catching up. Everyone is doing great with fantastic jobs, new kids, and great spouses!”

Tracie Bloom writes, “Flock and Rally, the integrated communications firm I co-founded when I moved back to my hometown of Columbia, S.C., just celebrated its seven-year anniversary, and our firm had the pleasure of managing our region’s total solar eclipse tourism campaign this year. It was surreal and amazing, and it was very fun seeing Wes friends across the country post on Facebook about their experiences with totality! 2024 anyone?”

Hope to hear from everyone soon for the next issue!

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