CLASS OF 1994 | 2015 | ISSUE 2

Thanks to those of you for writing in with news to share. We hope to hear from many more of you for future issues. Please be in touch.

Keri Cascio writes, “I moved to Chicago in January to take a job as the executive director of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services, a division of the American Library Association. I’m proud to be working for the ‘library mothership,’ and I’m enjoying everything Chicago has to offer.”

Aram Sinnreich writes, “I’ll be moving to Washington, D.C., this summer to start a new job as an associate professor with tenure at American University’s School of Communication.”

Tonya Ward Singer writes from Santa Rosa, Calif., “I’m having a great time raising my boys (7 and 10), and running a business that helps K–12 schools innovate for equity. My book, Opening Doors to Equity, was published this year (and is a Corwin Press bestseller).”

Brenda Frink is living in Portland, Ore., She is working as coordinating editor of Pacific Historical Review.