CLASS OF 1992 | 2017 | ISSUE 2

Greetings, all! It was so great so see so many of our class at our 25th Reunion in May. Drinks were flowing pretty freely so my recall of what everyone was up to may not quite be up to snuff, but I will do what I can. And if I didn’t get your news in this column, please write to Paul or me—especially if we haven’t heard from you for a while. It’s always great to hear from long-lost classmates!

With that in mind, I start off with Mary Newton Lima, who has written in for the first time ever (Go, Mary!). After living in Madison Wisc.; Miami, Fla. (where she got a master’s and met her husband); Boulder, Colo.; and Seattle, Wash.; Mary has been living on Cape Cod since 2003. She and her husband have two daughters. Mary works at a nonprofit organization focused on reducing the environmental impact of fishing industries.

After a long absence from the notes, Tony Brita caught me up on his life. He started a new job in March as an executive director at The NPD Group, which is a market research firm based in Port Washington, N.Y. His eldest son, Teddy, is finishing up his first year at Regis High School in New York City.

More news from the longtime MIA! Chris Arndt and his wife, Patty Jen Arndt, have two boys, Alden (7) and Graham (6). Chris spent most of his time in New York, helping to grow an investment management firm, but left in 2010 to work on clean energy. In 2015, Chris and Patty moved to Telluride, Colo. Chris continues to work on clean energy issues, and also wrote a book, The Right’s Road to Serfdom, The Danger of Conservatism Unbound: From Hayek to Trump.

Matt Glotzer is the CFO and head of Strategy of Intertrust, a tech company based in Sunnyvale, Calif., although he lives in Scarsdale, N.Y., with his wife, son and daughter. Also in the New York area, Sasha Wilson, the co-director of the Bronx Community Charter School, lives in the Bronx with his wife and two daughters.

My Clark 3 roommate, James Wilton, is Collabera’s national account manager. He handles IT staffing and professional services placement. He has a large team across the U.S. and travels to a variety of destinations including San Fran, Dallas, NYC, and Chicago. James’s son, Jack, 16, is just about ready to drive. His middle daughter, Carley, is 13 and his youngest, Lola, is 11. In other Clark 3 news, Karen Salvini and her husband live in California and just celebrated their 18th anniversary.

Simon Fulford moved to Portland, Ore., last July with his wife, Clare, and two of his three sons. Simon is working on criminal justice reform efforts and is loving being back in the U.S. after 12 years in the U.K.

Alison Miller got tenure at The University of Michigan School of Public Health. Her daughter, Ella, just graduated from eighth grade. Her son, Wesley, finished third grade and is a massive basketball fan—taking after his dad, Scott (a fact I can attest to on both counts).

In further news on the academic promotion front, Shura Pollatsek just got promoted to full professor of costume design at WKU, and is working on a second book.

Tamara O’Neil is retiring from the military in 2017, after 20 years as a Navy JAG and excited about taking the next step in her career, which is TBD. In January, Kate Edwards started as a research scientist at Datacolor, where she makes instruments to measure the color of paints and textiles. She still lives in Pennington, N.J., with her family. Also on the East Coast, this fall Diego von Vacano ’93 will be a visiting associate professor of political science at Yale.

Wendy Moore Hershey reports a plethora of life changes. In 2016, she remarried and she joined Asset Consulting Group. She is a consultant to nonprofit foundations and endowments, but will also work with family offices and private clients.

Dan Fortmann moved to Paris last year and has been front office manager at Hapimag since January. Anyone who is planning a trip there should look him up!

In other globetrotting news, Elizabeth Liang has continued to tour her intercultural solo show, Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey, which has been all over the U.S., Panama, Iceland, Spain, South Africa, and Singapore. It was made into a movie that will be available on DVD this summer.

I close with news of additions to the Wesleyan family. Sarah Tunik teaches high school English and lives in the Bay Area with her husband, Dan Oppenheimer ’89. Their eldest son, Simon ’21, is headed to Wesleyan this fall!  Also joining the campus is David Meek’s son Daniel ’21. David’s wife is Lisa Brown ’90, so that’s two multi-generational Wesleyan couples in one class!

That’s all for now. Be sure to keep Paul and me updated with your news!

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