CLASS OF 2008 | 2015 | ISSUE 1

The Class of ’08 is making moves!

Amanda Krentzman writes: “I changed jobs and I am now a director of development for Gail Berman’s new studio The Jackal Group. I focus on scripted television development along with unscripted TV development and feature development as well. The Jackal Group is an independent studio that is co-owned by Fox. Gail is known for her work on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Malcolm in the Middle. Additionally Gail was also the president of Fox and the president of Paramount Movie Studios along with the founder of Berman Braun.”

Bex Allen made a career move in joining the YMCA of Metro Chicago as a development associate. Ian Renner went back to business school, and ​is enjoying hanging out there with Emily Malkin. ​Caroline White began an MBA program as well—she is at Simmons School of Management in Boston. She started in 2014.

Ruby Ross writes: “Goodness! It looks like a lot has happened since the last time I wrote into class notes, but so much so that I can’t really recap. So I’ll keep it to this: 2014 brought me lots of travel (to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, a giant cross-country road trip from NOLA to the West Coast and back, and to Iceland to catch the Northern Lights), some time learning from Wes alum and singer-songwriter extraordinaire Dar Williams ’89, as well as many other musical advancements (quit my day job!), and, best of all, a boyfriend-turned-fiancé!”

Brandon Smith sends in his update: “While living in LA for business school, I managed to spend time with a few Wesleyan alums. I have since moved to Berlin on behalf of a venture I created at USC. It’s been a pretty cool experience, albeit there’s a tremendous language barrier. Here is a link to the Marshall Admissions website: I was fortunate enough to be included within the MBA profiles (I just wish I didn’t look so sweaty).

Caroline Raclin has an enviable path as well: “I’ve gone further down the humanitarian/disaster relief rabbit hole and am living in the Philippines, running an NGO program that aims to help nearly 50,000 people rebuild their lives after Typhoon Haiyan hit in Dec. 2013. I’ve learned more about proper roof construction and eating of fertilized duck eggs (balut) than I ever wanted to know. Hope all is well with you and the rest of our Wes fam!”

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