CLASS OF 2007 | 2018 | ISSUE 3

Hello, classmates! Can you believe it’s been 15 years since we entered Wesleyan as freshman? Since our last class update, we’ve been busy! Megan Kretz Harrington here to share the ’07 news. I’m currently knee deep in baby days—my husband (Brian), 2-year-old son (Teddy), and I recently welcomed a baby girl to our family. Evelyn Nancy Harrington was born on Aug. 20. Several other classmates have been growing their families.

Ben Levinger and his wife, Alicia, recently bought a house in Severna Park, Md. They have two young children—Desmond and Oren.

In November 2017, all members of 88 Home reunited in Milwaukee for the marriage of Chris Keeler and Asma Kadri. This included Thomas Coen, Sally Smyth, her wife, Susannah Hook-Rodgers; Meredith Katz, her husband Dave Korkoian, Mer and Dave’s daughter, Addison; Kara Brodgesell, her husband, Noah Christman; and Daphne Clyburn and her husband Michael MacEwen. The 88 Home ties remain strong! In other news, Michael and Daphne relocated to the D.C. area in June 2017 and love it. Daphne is teaching Spanish at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (Potomac, Md.) and stepped into the role of department head. She says, “Teaching continues to be a beautiful and messy mix of joy and rigor!”

Victor Scavera married Dorothy Sliva on Mother’s Day. He adds, “Although it was not, strictly speaking, a present, we figured that it couldn’t hurt.” Newman Hoffman ’09, Daniel Glyck, Andrew Smith ’08, Ben Roberts ’09, Michael DeFranco ’10, and Professor Westmoreland attended.

Eric Altneu says, “I got married in August! My husband is Brookes Hammock.” The happy couple had plenty of alumni in attendance including: Tory Molnar Masterson, Julia Perciasepe, Ellen Werble, Andrew Bleeker, Samantha Kantor, Erich Klothen ’08, John Haley, Matt Donne, Ben Byers, Andrew Inchiosa, Josh Tanz ’06, Dan Devine ’06. Others in attendance were Eric’s mom and stepdad, Carol Murphy ’79 and Robert Murphy ’79, and family friend Seta Nazarian ’79.

As a class, we’ve also had a number of professional and personal adventures . . . Deanne Dworski-Riggs has been keeping it wild in Mongolia with Kimberly Greenberg—living in gers, riding horses on the Mongolian steppe, and climbing turtle rocks!

Cortney A. Duncan started a new job as the director of athletics at Kent School. She is also the school’s varsity field hockey and lacrosse coach.

Youkyung Lee joined Bloomberg as a government reporter covering Korea, including the unpredictable leader on the North and the U.S. foreign policy toward Korea.

She is based in Seoul, South Korea, with her two cats. You can follow her stories and behind-the-scene notes on her Twitter @YKreports. She welcomes any story suggestions or any questions you might have about Korean politics or Kim Jong Un. You are also welcome to say hello to her on the Bloomberg Terminal.

Lina Makdisi recently sat a three-month silent meditation retreat at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Mass.

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