CLASS OF 2009 | 2015 | ISSUE 1

Hi, everyone! After a grueling winter, your fellow classmates have been eager to share their latest and greatest news. Hope you enjoy!

After several months of training in DC, Max Krafft is heading off to begin his new career as a diplomat in the Foreign Service with an assignment to the U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico. He’s looking forward to hosting some visitors during his next two years abroad, and is eager to find out where the State Department will send him next.

Lisa Zweigenhaft and Adam Kirk are getting married on June 20, 2015, in New York. Jennifer Bianculli ’07, Amanda Facelle, Yuri Hoshino, Katie Bofshever, Hailey Sarage, Russ Follansbee, Terence Malangone, Nick Hayes, Jason Ben-Eliyahu, and Field Yates will be in the wedding party.

Matt Patterson writes, “In December I left my job of four years and started traveling in Southeast Asia. I had been running a young craft brewery in San Diego and one of the highlights of these months on the road will be working on a New Zealand hop farm for harvest this March. I will be back in the U.S. visiting friends and figuring out relocation by late summer. See you then!

Tyler Chapin wed Lauren Scheese on Sept. 12, 2014, in Philadelphia. Tyler’s groomsmen included Grayson Connors ’08, Louis Gabel ’08, and Baker Woods. The four lived together in Lowrise E2 in ’06-’07, after meeting on Nic 7 third floor the year prior. Tyler met his wife in Hawaii while vacationing with Grayson during August of ’07. The wedding was a great celebration with food, fun, and plenty of dancing late into the evening.

Aviva Tevah is in Philadelphia at UPenn, getting an MPA at the Fels Institute of Government. This semester she’s a policy intern at the Mayor’s Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity, an agency responsible for organizing and implementing a coordinated approach to reducing poverty in the city.

Jeremy Finch lives in Somerville, Mass., with Stephanie Fungsang ’08. He’s excited to be attending MIT’s Sloan School of Management in the fall.

Jess Eliot Myhre has been exploring intersections of different kinds of American roots music, working full-time as a clarinetist, vocalist, and bassist in DC. She fronts and manages a band, Bumper Jacksons, which will be releasing a new record this summer, Too Big World: An Adventure Story. (You know you went to a liberal arts college when your albums contain colons, eh?)

This January Joe Newman moved to SF with his wife, Allie. He’s a privacy and consumer protection attorney at Electronic Arts, which has been great so far! “Looking forward to meeting up with all my Wes friends in the Bay Area!”

Tressa Eaton is living and writing in Tel Aviv. Drop her a note if you are in the area!

Mike Repplier produces digital video and live streams for ABC News. He also hosts an ABC News/YouTube series focusing on viral content. He ran the New York City Marathon in Nov. 2014, finishing in 3:14:44. He plans to begin training for this year’s marathon… maybe next week.

Graham Immerman is the co-owner and CMO of Olive Natural Beauty, a 100-percent organic skin care line that focuses on the amazing anti-aging benefits of extra virgin olive oil. Learn more about his company on the class notes website!

Anastasia Chiu finished her MS in library and information science in May 2014 and is on the hunt for academic library jobs and residencies. She enjoys the occasional crafting hangout with Annina DeLeo and Linda Shum, and would love to catch up with other Wes folk in the area.

Brittany Delany is living in southern Arizona with her boyfriend and working as a grant writer. In the upcoming months, she will be involved in dance projects in Santa Fe, N.M., with Wesleyan associate professor of dance Pedro Alejandro and Sarah Ashkin ’11. She had a blast connecting with Ginna Curry for a visit in Phoenix.

Saul Carlin heads business strategy for Medium’s publications platform, which helps media startups acquire funding, reach sustainability, and maximize their impact in the world. Life in San Francisco as a coffee sipping, cocktail mixing, vinyl listening, road biking tech yuppie treats him well.

Ari King writes, “I’m exceptionally honored and pleased to announce the third season of Off Campus, an online community and podcast based out of Brooklyn. Off Campus offers interviews, stories, and advice about life in college, getting a job in the ‘real world,’ and how to have a career.” More information about Season 3 can be found on the class notes website!

Alan Ashenfelter is assistant director of admissions at The Rivers School in Weston, Mass., and founded Standout Recruiting Consultants. They provide college counseling and guidance services for student athletes going through the college recruiting process: .

Grace Petersen has been living in London for the past year working on business development for Google Glass. She has been learning to appreciate cask-pulled ales, or at least trying to, and using weekends to explore Europe farther afield.

And Shane E. Heckstall writes, “Hi. I finished a book titled, Did You Create a Monster? Available on Amazon starting June 1, 2015, this book is a keen way of ‘looking back to move forward.’ All material personally written and researched by me in a way to answer questions about African-American identity in higher ed and their success. This book comes from within and it makes an easy summer read, a good source of college-level coursework, a gift for a college-bound minority student or a thought-provoking book for educators across the board. If you know me, support me. Remember: June 1, 2015. Did You Create a Monster?! Help me reach 500 books sold and reach out to me on LinkedIn. Thanks.”

Graham Immerman:

Olive Natural Beauty is a 100% natural and organic skin care line that focuses on the amazing anti-aging benefits of extra virgin olive oil. The company was founded by CEO and President Jessica Dupuis (Emerson ’10) in 2009, and is co-owned by Chief Marketing Officer Graham Immerman (Wesleyan ’09).

Olive currently offer 15 piece product line of lip balms, bar soaps, salves and are launching a body lotion and facial skin care line in retailers this month. Olive currently hand-make and manufacture all of their products in the Olive Natural Beauty headquarters & manufacturing facility in Easthampton MA.  We have 25 retailers in 6 states, as well as Canada, and are expanding rapidly. We’ve sold over 130,000 units to date and have some very exciting partnership opportunities lined up for 2015 including:

-Working with Ipsy (the largest cosmetic sampling program in the world)

-Accepted into the Springfield Valley Venture Mentoring Program Spring 2013

-In January, we were accepted into and are currently participating in the the Mass Mutual/Valley Venture Mentors Business Accelerator Program in Springfield, Ma where we work with industry professionals and compete for $250,000 in grants.

Our products contain no parabens, no pesticides, no chemicals, no synthetics or synthetic colors, no sulfates, no silicones, and no genetically modified ingredients. Also, we never use animal tested ingredients, only use recyclable packaging, and support fair-trade. For instance, our Good Trade organic cocoa butter and organic shea butter are fairly traded through the African Fair Trade Council, who’s profits support the empowerment of women in Africa.

Ari King:

I’m exceptionally honored and pleased to announce the third season of Off Campus-an online community and podcast-based out of Brooklyn, NY. Off Campus offers interviews, stories, and advice about life in college, getting a job in the “real world”, and how to have a career.

Season 3 episodes of Off Campus will feature:

Margaret Sullivan-Public Editor of The New York Times, Malik Yoba-Actor on FOX hit show Empire, Kristen Kish, Top Chef Season 10 Winner, Jen Messier & Jonathan Soma- Co-Founders of the Brooklyn Brainery, Ian Harnarine-NYU Tisch Professor, Taylor Pemberton-Creative Director of  Pemberton , Nicholas Woo-Academic Director of Highbridge Voices, Kris Hayes, Proprietor of Easy Plateau Productions.

There has been no marketing budget for the show and I quit my full-time real estate job in Manhattan because I believe in the people and I believe in our mission. We are raising money for Season 4 through kickstarter! Please consider donating to the show so we can hire interns, editors, producers, do more interviews and take Off Campus to the next level. To listen to interviews and learn more, please go to

To access Season 1 & 2, you may listen through iTunes and to read highlights and bio’s of each episode, please visit

Thanks to everyone who sent in notes and please keep them coming!

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