CLASS OF 1983 | 2020 | ISSUE 3

Hi everyone, not much to share this issue; not many classmates have responded. I wonder what all are up to. Perhaps it is pandemic fatigue and a wish to disconnect from computers. I know I have had enough Zoom meetings and Netflix to last a while. And though my cooking, baking, and bread making skills are greatly improved, I would so like to see a show, go to the movies, or simply hang with friends and family in person. All I can say is, “Ugh, enough already!” Fortunately, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. My new year’s wish is by the time this finds its way to your mailbox vaccines have become widely available and the country (and world) is on the mend. Here’s to hope!

On the work front: Mark Kushner is happy to report his daughter is a new onsite student at Wes, class of ’24, and hanging in there despite this weird year. After leading K-12 schools, both independent and charter, for the past 25 years, Mark is now co-leading the San Francisco Art Institute, a 150-year-old college whose past luminaries include Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Mark Rothko, Annie Liebovitz, Jerry Garcia, Kehinde Wiley, and many others. Give him a shout if you are in the Bay area.

Cheri Litton Weiss was ordained as a rabbi by the Academy of Jewish Religion. She is also an ordained cantor and founder of the San Diego Jewish Community Choir. In 2018 Cheri founded the San Diego Outreach Synagogue, an independent congregation. The mission is to offer accessible Judaism through prayer, music, education, conversation, community service, and friendship. 

On the social front: Karen Miller’s daughter has postponed her wedding not once but twice! Karen’s daughter and her fiancé decided to elope and got married on the Green at Brown University where they met. Karen recently helped Sue Stallone Kelly move, and caught up via Zoom with Wes crew Tammy Rosengarten in Australia, Gretchen Millspaugh Cooney in Pennsylvania, and Barb Bailey Beckitt in Colorado.

Karen Hunt Ellis had two close calls with this year’s Californian fires. The northern flank of the CZU Complex Fire came within seven miles of her house but firefighters were able to stop it in time. A few weeks later her husband was evacuated in a Black Hawk helicopter while backpacking in the Sierras. 

Stay safe, be well, and I wish everyone good health and many blessings in 2021. I hope to hear from more of you next time. 

Laurie Hills |