CLASS OF 2013 | 2017 | ISSUE 3

Hello, Class of 2013! Read on to see what some of your classmates have been up to:

Nandita Vijayaraghavan left her position at Warner Bros. and relocated to Ann Arbor, where she is an MBA student at the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. She’s passionate about the entertainment industry and will be hitting up some Wes alumni in Tinsel Town as she completes her internship. Sandy A. Durosier left igher Edge in New London in March to become Wes’ new area coordinator of the Butterfields (yay, the Butts!). Genelle Faulkner is entering her second year of teaching science to middle schoolers in Boston. Emma Daniels graduated in May with her master’s in strategic public relations from USC Annenberg and accepted a position as a senior account executive, crisis and strategic communications with MWWPR in LA. While it was painful to give up her Massachusetts driver’s license, she can’t complain about the weather, or the palm trees, or the abundance of avocado toast.

She Makes Comics, directed by Marisa Stotter, and produced by her and Patrick Meaney ’07, won Best Documentary at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con International Film Festival, and was released on Netflix in October. Also available on iTunes and Amazon Prime, the film tells the little-known story of the important contributions of women to the comics industry, as artists, writers, executives, and ardent fans. [See page 75.]

Anna Swartz is engaged to Netta Bob, younger sister of Amit Bob ’10, and is planning a summer wedding. They live in Brooklyn near plenty of other Wes grads.

Will Davis, Peter Horton, Croy Salinas, and Noah Masur ’15 take the chance to escape NYC every so often and enjoy a series of adventures that Mark Popinchalk has organized. These mostly consist of exploring local mountains, nearby villages, and sometimes even some spelunking. Ethan Grund and Lu Corporan have joined, too. They’ve enjoyed good and bad luck along the way, treasured the skills they’ve acquired, and never let any gloom ruin their day.

Adam Rotstein is living the dream in Los Angeles as a comedy writer. He’s written a series of Facebook ads for the gas station convenience store, ampm. Their mascot, Toomgis, is a mythical monster composed entirely of snacks. Seriously, his hair is Twizzlers, his beard is Cheetos, and his palms are cinnamon rolls!

In 2015, Evan Hazelett was the fourth full-time hire to Imperfect Foods in Emeryville, Calif., America’s first ugly produce company that is fighting food waste on. He spent a year there before returning home for four months to serve as a mentor, coach, and teammate to a family member suffering from severe, chronic depression which resulted in their graduation from General Assembly’s Web immersive program and subsequent job search. Afterwards, he returned to the Bay Area to work as a program manager for Sprouts Cooking Club, a nonprofit engaged in youth culinary education. Now he’s researching grad schools and applying to programs by December before traveling around the world for five months.

Zach Schonfeld got blocked on Twitter by the president of the U.S. for telling him that he’s not as cool as witches. He lives somewhere between Williamsburg and Bushwick and misses Pastabilities.

Tom Lee and Adam Hirschberg head up a weekend exercise group called YogHurt, which is a bootcamp style exercise class that meets every other week in Prospect Park. The workout is a combination of sprint training, calisthenics, yoga, and finishes at a frozen yogurt shop in Park Slope. They would love to share, in case any other WesGrads are interested in signing up. Thomas Cho continues to live in Chicago and works as a medical scribe. He invites you to come visit him and say hello. Go Wes

Last but not least—an update from our Reunion Committee: Arya Alizadeh, Emma Daniels, Jacob Blumenthal, Malik Adán, Melody Oliphant. McKenzii Webster, Sam Ebb: “Class of 2013, this spring marks our five-year Reunion! We’re so excited to welcome you all back home May 25-27, 2018, and are already working with the university to plan a great weekend. Over the next several months, you will be receiving some important information from us, including dates, registration and programmatic information. This year, we want to welcome as many alumni from our class back to campus as possible, and we need you to help us with the hype! Talk to your friends, your classmates, and get ready for R&C Spring 2018.

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