CLASS OF 2015 | 2019 | ISSUE 2

On May 28 John Pacheco and Tawni Stoop got married . . . and they’re both knee-deep in grad programs. John finished his first year of medical school at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine and Tawni finished her second year of her child clinical psychology PhD program at Penn State University.

Ting Zhang moved from New York to Hong Kong as part of a global rotational program at Citigroup. Since moving, she has had the opportunity to reconnect with a few Wes friends whom she has not seen since graduation including Maurice Lee, Xian Hui Ang, and Suet Ning Wong ’16. If anyone is in Hong Kong, please reach out to

Olivia Mason is graduating from Stanford University with a master’s in East Asian studies this summer. Before moving, she’s excited to spend some time visiting her family, friends, and dog on the East Coast.

Katherine Lu has discovered the world of design, and is now a UX/UI designer in southern California. She returned to the States after a dreamy and inspiring month-and-a-half in Shanghai. She was delighted to be able to see Maurice Lee during her trip abroad.

Kate Gilpin completed her post-baccalaureate through the Harvard Extension Premedical Program this May. She wrapped up four years at Mass General (where Remy Johnson ’16 kept her sane). Her Wes group chat is still fully active.

Miranda Katz is excited to be starting at NYU Law in the fall, further reducing her odds of ever leaving New York. She lives in Brooklyn with Ariane Turley and Eliza Loomis.

Nina Feng has just finished her master’s study last week at Duke University in digital art history and will be joining Poly Auction Hong Kong.

Elaine Maskus has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a dog mom. She and Ernie are living happily in Denver where they look forward to a lifetime of fetch and belly rubs.

Brent Packer, Amelia Mettler, and Sara Warnock are doing yoga and learning to kitesurf in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Nita Mukand was awarded the first Pfizer fellowship through the University of Illinois Cancer Center for her work on the incidence of second primary gynecologic malignancies in Asian women who have experienced ovarian cancer. The $25,000 fellowship will support her further development as a cancer researcher.

Marissa Castrigno is pursuing an MFA in creative writing at University of North Carolina Wilmington. After four years, she’s leaving Brooklyn, where she’s been living with Sarah Hirschey and a number of thriving house plants.

Jessica Seidman received her JD degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law. She looks forward to starting her legal career at a law firm in New Haven, Conn.

Mateusz Burgunder is working at Accenture until July, after which he will start his MBA at INSEAD.

Jill Tan is working at a death literacy foundation housed under a funeral company in Singapore, where she is creating a card game to foster intimate conversations about life, death, and the beyond. Michael Leung, Gavin Swee ’13, and Aditi Shivaramakrishnan ’12 have been user testers in its development phase. Jill will be heading back to Connecticut to start her PhD in anthropology at Yale, where she will be working on a project about the public consciousness of death in Singapore. She is excited to reunite with David Mai and many of her Wesleyan professors, especially Alice Hadler and Justine Quijada.

Kimora Brock is working as a yoga teacher and health and wellness coach and celebrating her first year at Equinox. Graduating in December with an MBA, Kimora looks forward to merging her passions for entrepreneurship and wellness, along with bicoastal living between D.C. and LA. She had an awesome time with Crystal Rogers ’16 and Paulie Lowther ’13 at Mardi Gras this year, and can’t wait to spend quality time with Mike Conrad ’13, Shane Bernard ’14, and Haley Keyko ’16 this summer! Follow her adventures on Instagram: @kimorabee @malibutrailmix and @bbgrlwellness.

Miranda Orbach is a third grade head teacher at The Chapin School in NYC. She graduated from Columbia University with a master’s in narrative medicine. In April, she got engaged to Sara Ben-Ezra ’16. In her free time, she loves to travel, eat delicious food, and arrange charcuterie boards.

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