CLASS OF 1971 | 2021 | ISSUE 1

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Aloha classmates! The pandemic has changed everything for everybody, including our May 2021 50th Reunion to virtual. Please plan your virtual attendance as we will still have an innovative and wonderful program.

     We do have a reunion committee and they are working on things to do now and events and ideas for the future. You can still join the committee by contacting Kate Quigley Lynch ’82, P’17, P’19 at Also you can receive more information at

     We have had several Zoom virtual calls and they have been attracting a large number of our classmates. Sometimes the calls are in conjunction with a current Wesleyan class so we can get a flavor of the current school environment. We hear some interesting ideas and topics and then break into groups of about six to eight people to refresh and reacquaint ourselves with our classmates.  For those who have missed them, more virtual events will be scheduled over the next few months. The next group of calls will have a theme with speakers from our class and the University on a specific topic.

     The ideas behind the pre-reunion Zoom calls are as follows: Build interest and participation for the Reunion, and unearth classmates by having them attend (and engage) or participate in the pre-reunion sessions; pilot some programming ideas for the future Reunion or to the reunion “Book.”

    The pre-reunion program category ideas are:

     1) Attract and motivate specialty interest segment groups. Programs: “Then vs. Now at Wesleyan” or “Looking Back Through Today’s Lens” (e.g. Athletics, Science, Humanities, Film and Theater Arts, Jewish Life, Women at Wesleyan, etc.), featuring faculty and students from “then” (67–71) and now.

     2) Attract general interest and enthusiasm by tapping into a wide mosaic of classmate accomplishments and journeys. 

     If you have other ideas or would like to create a Zoom call, contact Kate Lynch. These calls are a great way to catch up with classmates you have not seen, sometimes in over 50 years! These days who can honestly say they have not done a Zoom call? So do plan to Zoom-in for these calls! Information should be coming to you in emails. If you are not receiving them, please contact Kate.

     Another item that required your response was the reunion book. It is too late now to get into the book, but a supplement is planned for all you procrastinators. Contact Kate for more info. We hear from previous classes that when the book comes out those who are not included regret it and your classmates are sad not to have info on you.

   In other news . . . Ed Swanson ( says: “Jonathan Kramer asked about, among others, Walter Zdrok ’72. Walter (currently Vladimir) was my roommate freshman year and is living outside of Philadelphia. I talk to Vladimir occasionally, and will mention that Jonathan and Henry Sanders were wondering about him. He ended up graduating a year later than us, and so officially is class of 1972.”

     Neil Cumsky writes he has not been hearing about the Reunion and sends his new email address,                     Warren White ( has relocated to 1025 West Grace St. Apt. #515, Richmond, VA 23220.

     Well, that is all the news I have for now. Even though our 50th has been postponed (not canceled), please make an effort to join our future Zoom calls. Great fun!

PO Box 1005, Hanalei, HI 96714