Bob Anderson sent me a copy of his seasonal letter to family and friends. He lives in Guemes, a small island off the coast of Washington, halfway between Vancouver and Seattle. Bob keeps busy working on multiple new or unfinished art pieces, winterizing his landscape between rains, downsizing, and making short on-island trips for Sunday services. You can see some of his interesting artwork at

Ed Porter writes he has acquired a small yawl that may become his summertime hermitage from which he can contemplate the world, and the future for our children and grandchildren. Sounds like a worthy goal.

Gordon Wilmot and Marilyn just got back from nine relaxing days in a nice Vrbo house in Beaufort, South Carolina. They’re both doing fine and trying to get the most out of their golden years.   

Marsh view of the South Carolina Lowcountry

I also heard from Hal Ochsner. He recalls pledging Psi U and working over the years with Ken Travis on a variety of fraternity projects. 

Mark Feldman had no news for me this time, other than a mild case of COVID, but with all the Israeli-Hamas protests on college campuses these days, he is glad not to see Wesleyan in the news. I concur; from what I read, any demonstrations at Wes have been thoughtful and peaceful.

Betty and I traveled to Cape Cod in September for my 70th high school reunion. There were only four others from my very small class in attendance. One was my junior prom date (still pretty), and another was a football teammate. We had a great time for two nights, eating fresh lobster and reminiscing. The only downer was coming back on Connecticut I–95 in the rain. Below is a picture of the beautiful Cape Cod Canal, which flows very near the house where I lived as a teenager. 

Cape Cod Canal and Railroad Lift Bridge

Until next time, stay healthy.


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