CLASS OF 1958 | 2021 | ISSUE 1

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Class of ’58,

     A generous response to my last email. Tom Mosher and Heidi are in La Jolla, California, and enjoy tennis, bridge, and coast walks. They enjoy good health, but are a little stir crazy. 

     Art Geltzer is in Rhode Island and is in quarantine except for daily exercise and grocery shopping. He has had one shot of the Moderna vaccine.

     Bart Bolton canceled his February trip to Sarasota and is hoping to go in April. He has had difficulty scheduling a vaccine shot. He feels he needs one to travel to Sarasota.

     Roger Turkington is publishing a new book, New and Collected Poems. He sends best wishes to all classmates.

     An entertaining recollection from John Corkran: He recalls during rushing that on a day-date he went to a roller skating rink and that during a game of Red Rover he skated out of control into a row of lockers. John thanks all who contributed to the Wesleyan Fund.

     Dick Goldman lost his wife, Patty, on January 9. After a moving memorial service, which I and several other Wes people attended by Zoom, Dick continued his significant activities. He will do a seminar for the American Bar Association and will continue starting networking for Wesleyan lawyers in major cities.

     The virus hit both Kay and Bob Terkhorn in October. Both escaped hospital stays and have had their vaccines.

     Dan Woodhead has a new hobby­—The New York Times’ “Time Machine.”  He has access to every issue going back to 1851. He is a history buff and is really hooked. He also loves reading about the Civil War and frequently does crossword puzzles .

     Since the pandemic limited Neil Henry’s trips to restaurants and bars he put the saved money to home repairs. By now he will have had two shots of the Pfizer vaccine.

     Jack Wright is working with a Black/Indian friend on the Flathead Reservation to develop an anti-racism program.

     Tom Burns and wife, Janice, are “hanging in there in Northern Virginia.” Lots of Zoom get-togethers and walks in the woods. Kids are in Massachusetts, Florida, and Northern Virginia. Tom hopes he will soon be able to visit them. 

     A note from Dick Tompkins lamented the passing of Charlie Keck. Charlie and Dick were close lifelong friends. Dick met his wife, Betsy, at Charlie’s wedding in 1959. Dick remembers Charlie as a pediatrician, kind and gentle with many interests.

     I was semi-joking when I mentioned vaccinations in my recent email. But, Tony Codding sent a brief account of his efforts to get the vaccine.  He will feel the needle on February 13.

     I believe Ezra Amsterdam wins the award for the alumnus working the hardest.  He just published his 15th book, Manual of the Am Soc Prev Cardiol. Still does teaching, clinic visits, supervision of fellows and test interpretation (virtually). Tennis is still on the back burner and he still roots passionately for the Yankees.

     Burr Edwards, in France, just finished delivering a two-day training course in public-private partnerships to professionals working with the West African Power Pool. The course is done online and he does this as a way of staying in the saddle on a horse at home.

     As a result of the pandemic the Farmington Valley Symphony Orchestra, where Bill Barnes had played for over 30 years, came to a sudden halt. But for six weeks last fall, while following strict COVID-19 protocols including temperature checks, wearing of masks, and playing while socially distanced at least six feet from one another, he joined 20 players in preparing a small concert of string music for our area community television station. The result, seen on YouTube as well as community TV, was quite satisfying.

     Recently I had a nice phone conversation with Bill Krenz, who shared the following: Bill and Pat Barnes frequently phone him and Rosemary. Both couples have had their shots. Bill Barnes is an accomplished violist and Bill Krenz plays the cello, but modestly admits he often puts the audience to sleep.

     Kay and I are ok. She had a pacemaker implanted late December and it has really helped. I am still golfing; you can often find my name on the tee sheet. I play bridge even more than golf, all virtually on Bridge Base Online. I have played with Ted Wieseman, and Burr Edwards will join us later this spring. 

     Stay safe, keep the notes flowing,

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