Roger W. Pincus ’84

Roger W. Pincus ’84 passed away on Feb. 14, 2019. He was 56. Roger majored in government while at Wesleyan. He then earned a JD from the University of Pennsylvania and a MFA from George Mason University. He served for several years as a class secretary for the Class of 1984. He leaves behind his wife Jamie and three children, Heather ’19,  Jillian ’22, and Melanie.

Linda Wienski ’83

Linda Wienski ’83 passed away on May 30, 2019. At Wesleyan, Linda majored in economics. She earned an MBA from the University of Bridgeport. She was 57.

Doris P. Barry ’84

Doris P. Barry ’84 passed away on June 11, 2018. She had a 30-year career on Wall Street where she managed and inspired staff while battling Lupus. A woman of faith who loved her family and friends, Doris was a member of Delta Theta Sigma, Incorporated, and was on the Board of Trustees at Concord Baptist Church where she inspired many of the church’s best and brightest to attend Wesleyan. Doris loved Wesleyan and her legacy will be evident in the scores of students who attended Wesleyan because she was the University’s number-one cheerleader especially for first generation students of color. See her obituary here.

We thank Ricardo Granderson ’84 for this heartfelt tribute.