CLASS OF 2020 | 2021 | ISSUE 1

Emmy Hughes is enjoying mooching off of her aunt and uncle, with whom she is living, while she works remotely as a research assistant studying planetary geology. She recently lived with fledgling China reporter Hannah Reale for an idyllic six weeks in Vermont, during which they saw little of anyone else and miraculously stayed sane.

     Emma Greenfield is working as a programmer in Madison, Wisconsin, and is living with two beloved cats.

      Sophie Charles is expertly managing a Columbia University psychology laboratory, but her real achievement since graduation is her SIMs 4 gameplay design, particularly a virtual French restaurant and vineyard.

     Chloe Thorburn is currently pursuing her PhD in physics in Rochester, New York (or as she and apparently most other residents call it: “RaChaCha”).

   Spencer Arnold is tracking COVID treatment effectiveness and creating and hosting virtual murder mystery events with Meg Cummings, who is living in Pittsburgh and working in the nonprofit industry.

     Sarah Mount is working on her feet for a local brewery in Maine, though her friends would be pleased if she decided to work in her beloved roller skates.

     Katie Vasquez has returned to Connecticut to work in a laboratory at Yale University.

     Grace Snyder is currently working for the NIH and living in Washington DC, where she is working on fixing this sorry state of affairs!

     Miles Brooks is serving as a corpsmember for the Watershed Stewards Program, working with Grassroots Ecology, a Bay Area nonprofit that specializes in habitat restoration, environmental education, and volunteer engagement. Ask him about identifying California native plants, improving local habitats, or treating poison oak!

    Sarah Hutcheon is currently working at Abbott as a technical manufacturing chemist, where she mainly makes the reagents for their COVID-19 tests.

     Isaac Klimasmith and Mariel Baitenmann-Middlebrook packed up their lives and moved to Urbana, Illinois for graduate school at the University of Illinois. Mariel is working towards her master’s in education and Isaac is pursuing a PhD in natural resources (lots of corn, lots of soil). They credit their continued sanity in the face of Midwestern isolation to their three pet rats.

     Nick Ticali is working as an EMT with Northwell Health! He still works with Hunter EMS, volunteers for his fire department, produces music, and takes part in online theatre to keep busy as he waits for the spring application cycle for physician assistant programs to open.

     After working remotely in investment research and as a contact tracer in Massachusetts, Luke Forsthoefel is now working for BMO Capital Markets in their Technology Investment Banking division. He didn’t expect to begin his career on this path but is looking forward to eventually moving to San Francisco!

     Esha Bhandari is enrolled in a “career-changer” pre-medical postbaccalaureate certification program at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, which she will complete in May 2021.

    Ben Lefkowitz is getting an MA in public policy at Harvard. He just moved to Boston and is really excited to finally be on campus!

    Since graduation, Sherly Francois focused on searching for the right job and started a small business called SavedBySherly (@savedbysherly on Instagram), to sell her DIY projects. She recently accepted a full time position with McMaster Carr’s Management Development Program in Atlanta, starting in June.

     Eiji Frey spent the summer in Maine apprenticing for a mechanic and canvassing for the local Democatric Party. He recently moved to Los Angeles to do creative fabrication (wood, metal, props, electronics, etc.), especially for the film industry! He also got a tattoo in honor of his time playing on Nietzch Factor.

     In August, Sophie Karolczak moved to Toronto, Canada to pursue a PhD in molecular genetics at the University of Toronto. She is pleasantly surprised to report that winter there is more mild than in Middletown, at least so far!

     Kush Patel is working at a dermatology office alongside a Mohs surgeon as a medical/surgical assistant, where he is first-assist during surgeries. He is excited to be learning about the medical, surgical, and cosmetic side of medicine and is applying to go to school for the health profession. 

     Sarafina Fabris-Green is currently searching for the best bagel. Her search has taken her from Austin, Texas to Brooklyn, New York, where she has found some great contenders but not “the one.”

   Maya Layne is still regularly posting short stories and poems on her blog,, so go check out her work!!

     Thanks for all of your updates—I love hearing what y’all are up to! Recently, I was lucky enough to spend a few months in New York and safely catch up with some Wes friends while working remotely and planning my move to Chicago for when I need to be back in the office. Keep an eye out for another email from me soon!