CLASS OF 1958 | 2020 | ISSUE 3

I am sure the pandemic has curtailed travel plans for our class. My emails depict how our guys are coping. 

So, Neil Henry writes of his excitement: the installation of central air in his wife’s 120-year-old house. He and Liz are in Richmond and admire the restaurants and brew pubs from afar. And he hopes his classmates are keeping safe.

A bike accident caused Bob Furber to break his right hip. Then, six weeks later he tripped over a wet floor sign and multiply fractured his right femur. Shortly thereafter the surgeon stood at the foot of the operating table and said, “We have to stop meeting like this.” Staying indoors is not that bad since he escapes temperatures that are 90-plus.

Bart Bolton moved into a condo to minimize use of stairs and it was close enough so they kept their “staff’ of doctors. He spoke to Ed Kershner and he and Marilyn are unsure about going to Sarasota in February, obviously due to the virus. His condo is close to a challenging golf course and he hopes his game will be up to the challenge.

 Burr and Pirkko Edwards are in southern France and keeping a low profile. No travel or restaurants. Socially they do have an occasional small gathering of friends. They encourage all to keep their heads down.

 In July, Dick Goldman ran to be president of the Wesleyan Lawyers Association. He lost, but, was appointed vice president. He received support from Bart Bolton, Neil Henry, Rick Pank, Ramsey Thorp and Ted Wiesman. A major activity for him now is to help start networking groups in major cities for Wes grads who are lawyers. He is doing all this and is a caregiver to wife Patty, who has significant health issues.

 Since March, Joanna and Bill Fryer have stayed close to home. He retired in 2001 but still helped to merge four congregations in Reading, Pennsylvania.

 Dick Tompkins and wife Betsy are fine. They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in August. They split their time between Florida (eight months) and Minnesota (four months). 

 Dan Woodhead is fine, but would like to connect with classmates to discuss our president. Protocol forbids me from stating his views.

All is well, writes Bill Richard. His granddaughter, Riley, has returned to Wesleyan for her senior year.

 Kay and I are keeping a low profile. Our governor has opened all bars and restaurants, but we stay away. I play golf on our fine course and bridge online. Keep the emails flowing.

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