CLASS OF 1969 | 2020 | ISSUE 2

Denny Marron “prays that all are safe from the hideous virus and work to deter its spread. We’re well-sheltered in Madison, Conn., and family is safe in Massachusetts.” Dave Driscoll says, “Lots of yard work. Weather’s fine. Bingeing on streaming services. Have two Siamese rescues.”

Charlie Morgan “stays close to home to avoid virus. Was on Senator William Baroni’s defense team in aftermath of Bridgegate. His conviction was reversed. Big victory in front of SCOTUS.”

Tony Mohr “wakes up, eats, walks dog, reads, swims, eats, naps, walks dog, reads, eats, walks dog, sleeps. Wake me when this sci-fi movie ends.”

Steve Broker ’69, MAT ’72 writes, “Linda MAT ’71 and I reduce our exposure to the virus. Plenty to do while social distancing, gardening, and birding. Saddened by so much loss. Best wishes and regards to classmates.”

John Fenner is newly married and goes to court via Zoom in Hollywood, Fla. “I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go, in the front room.”

Pat and John Wilson are “isolated and well in Ann Arbor. May retire when commitment to Karma Vehicles ends.”

Wayne Slitt has “relocated to Tampa. We love the weather and sports here, particularly pickleball. Hope to return to Connecticut for summer.”

Jim Drummond does “trial and appeals work. Approved in Texas to act in court-appointed death penalty cases. Thank You For Death is the working title of my novel. Stay in contact with Jeff Richards and Bruce Hartman. Enjoying reruns of shows produced by Bays ’97 and Thomas ’97.”

Andy Burka says, “Louisiana’s governor has a steady hand. Have spent 45 years in New Orleans with marriage, family, friends, and a clinical psych practice. Must feel good about Wes because I can recall many of my professors’ names.”

From Steve Knox: “Retired and moved to Asheville as the virus hit. Social distancing has kept us from some helping with children and grandchildren. Caroline ’03 is on the front line as a doc. Don’t drink the bleach.”

Jim Adkins “had to cancel all trips and is now stuck at home wondering if there will ever be a return to normal. At our age, getting sick isn’t a good idea.”

Pete Arenella is “sheltering in place in a rural Mexican village, where my wife grew up. Daughter Katherine received her doctorate in psychology. Not feeling confident because of age, high blood pressure, pneumonia history, and low-T. Hope all Wes friends are virus-free.”

Jane and Bob Watson “telehealth with all our therapy patients. NYC is a hotspot, so we stay inside. It’s getting boring.”

Mike Fink writes, “All well, homebound, enjoying food, movies, music, and books. Girls all good with employment prospects. COVID hysteria seems driven by excessive fear. Stay safe and sane.”

Bob Otto says, “Lots has changed since our magical Reunion. Last fall we traveled, now that’s on hold. Stay home and stay healthy.”

John Bach is “an engaged Quaker exploring love in the time of the pandemic.”

Stu Blackburn is “enjoying birdcalls in lockdowned Brighton on England’s south coast. New novel, The Boy From Shenkottai, set in South India, out this fall.”

Dave Siegel is “in the UC Davis hospital with residents and students. Northern California has been lucky. Son Leon, Kings County, Brooklyn, has more ventilated patients every day than I’ve seen in total. He appears sanguine. His mother and I are not.”

Ron Reisner writes, “Mike Terry, Tory Peterson ’68, and I discussed Wes lacrosse and the school’s position WRT Amherst and Williams. Tory’s gift of birdfeeders and guides revealed a whole new nature in the yard. Am in regular contact with roommate Harry Nothacker who is in Philly.”

Bernie Freamon “teaches Islamic law, slavery, and human trafficking at NYU and in Zanzibar. COVID may change that.”

Bryn Hammarstrom, retired, “works at Temple University Hospital. No heroics, just a sense of community. With PPE, I’m not condemning myself to COVID. Was safe during AIDS epidemic.”

Tom Earle writes, “Hawaiian unemployment is 37%, no tourism. Maj and I retired last year. Painting interior of house and assisting with grandchildren.”

Visakha and Ken Kawasaki are “locked down in Sri Lanka, still trying to spread peaceful Buddhist practices.”

Bob Dombroski says, “Rabbits, deer, and mallards rule here. One perverse thrush throws herself against my subterranean office window—she wants in; I want out. Anita and I are at last grandparents.”

Steve Mathews sent a COVID-humor video, and Charlie Elbot described a post-Wes Grand Tour. Michael Fairchild shared a YouTube video he made called Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

The condo is our fortress, hiding us as if we were invisible. From family and friends come news of terrible things, and the virus is only one of them. The deer have returned to eat the emergent greens as Connecticut returns to life.

Charlie Farrow |
11 Coulter Street, #16, Old Saybrook, CT 06475