CLASS OF 2012 | 2019 | ISSUE 2

AhDream Smith wrote, “I was accepted into the Class of 2022 for the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s MFA acting program in conjunction with the Playmaker’s Theater Company. I will be heading there in the fall and am excited about this next chapter.”

Gemma Doll-Grossman completed her MFA in cinematography from the American Film Institute Conservatory. She lives in Los Angeles, working as a cinematographer.

Harry James Hanson is producing, directing, and styling photo/video shoots in Brooklyn. This spring, his photo series Legends of San Francisco, featuring drag elders, was published on

Tasmiha Khan wrote, “I just completed my master’s in social impact and looking forward to next steps as a coach in the nonprofit sector and corporate world while taking on a new interest in writing.”

Han Hsien Liew received his PhD in history and Middle Eastern studies from Harvard University. He will be joining the Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute as an assistant professor of arts and humanities this fall.

Nate Mondschein is doing production and recording work with artists Spencer  Hattendorf and Josh Smith. He produced the debut album Young and In Debt for his band Old Flame, released in May. He recorded the album with Andrew Oedel at Ghost Hit Recording and in his own studio, Echo Base. It was mastered by Andy Casella of Shape Recording. This fall, he’s releasing his debut self-produced solo album . . . And The Sky under the artist name Best Mann, also recorded at Echo Base and Ghost Hit and mixed by Andrew.

Matthew Figueroa is pursuing a poetry and spoken word career more seriously. He’s been featured at different NYC events and artist showcases. He piloted a creative writing poetry workshop which highlighted the therapeutic benefits of artistic expression as mental health. It was done at a couple middle schools and he’d like to get more on board this fall.

He also published his first poetry book Adolescence. His book “focuses on the anxiety and depression I struggled with in high school,” he explained. “I wanted people to know that they aren’t alone in the problems they face; that none of us need to strive for ‘perfection.’ And, most importantly, that healing becomes possible once you accept and talk about your demons. It’s a domino impact that empowers others, while silence only feeds self-destructive beliefs.”

2019 marked the tenth anniversary of David Wei, Noah Feingold, Peter Frank, Julian Silver, Phil Hall-Partyka, Kevin Walters, Jeremy Koegel, and Adam Ilowite’s first Warfish games, with Kevin introducing much of the eight to the website freshman year at Wesleyan. The group has played 300-plus games of Warfish almost nonstop and has met for tournaments in places like New York City and Cape Cod. As the eight have spread out around the country, Warfish has evolved to become an important way for the group to stay connected and acts as a welcome respite during the day-to-day.

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