CLASS OF 2008 | 2019 | ISSUE 2

Ruby Corbyn-Ross writes, “I’m working full-time teaching English reading remediation at a Spanish-immersion public charter school and part-time as a musician in New Orleans. Annalisa Kelly and I are making lots of Balkan music together! Our choir, Trendafilka, just released our first studio album and our band, Blato Zlato, is going on tour this summer to the West Coast and Bulgaria in advance of our sophomore album to be released in the fall. We’re working with a class of ’12 alumna to make a music video! I see a number of Wes folks regularly in NOLA and look forward to seeing more this summer at a wedding in Massachusetts.”

After a grueling year of applications, auditions, and acceptances into eight different MFA programs around the world, Lynn Favin will be attending Bristol Old Vic in England! She is one of 14 international actors selected to train at the same school as Olivia Coleman, Patrick Stewart, Daniel Day-Lewis, and more. She also starred in her second film with the AFI this year, playing Jane Everyman in the sci-fi comedy, Deuterstomes. Represented by William Morris Endeavors in the world of VO, Lynn has many cartoon characters releasing later this year and recorded a national commercial for a major laptop brand.

Marina Kastan Hays writes, “I’m moving to Denver next month for a job in the textile conservation lab at the Denver Art Museum. I don’t really know anyone there so would be glad to hear from any Wes grads in the area!”

Sam Barcelo graduated from Questrom School of Business with an MBA, concentrating in marketing, entrepreneurship, and social impact.

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