CLASS OF 2008 | 2017 | ISSUE 3

It seems that the Class of ’08 is largely waiting for our 10th Reunion to catch up, but there are a few notes to share nonetheless.

Rachel Schulman is loving life in Minneapolis, but has yet to run into any Wes alumni. If you’re in the area, get in touch!

Adrienne Shea and Ryan McLaren got married on May 28 in Newport, R.I. There was laughing, there was crying, and there was much Wesleyan reuniting. The wedding party alone included eight alumni: Cory Savereid Satow, Marcia Whitehead, Stephanie Savas Landerholm, Danielle Crystal ’07, Hannah Jackson ’09, Ashley McLaren ’13, Dustin Shea ’05, and Jeff McLaren ’06. Adrienne and Ryan live in Burlington, Vt., with the (objectively) cutest dog in the world, Zoro.

Cory Savereid Satow and Gary Satow MALS’12 had a daughter, Mara, last December.

For her last class notes entry, Janie Stolar was thrilled to report that her rash was clearing up. She regrets to inform you, it came back.

Katie Poor got married in Prospect Park in Brooklyn on a beautiful day in September, with Zoe Holder, Sage Trombulak Ruth, and Alicia Collen Zeidan as bridesmaids. Sam Ruth and Laura Silver attended as well. “Kids” was played and the rest of the wedding guests gawked as the Wes graduates danced like they were at a party on Fountain.

Alicia Collen Zeidan |