CLASS OF 2001 | 2020 | ISSUE 2

Hello 2001, in the midst of weird and crazy times, class notes must go on.

Woody Fu dropped a quick line to tell us he is in the movie Lucky Grandma. Check out this comedy when you can!

It was so nice to hear from Jennifer Selgrath, who is living in San Francisco and working as a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station. Jenny looks at historical changes in the biodiversity of Monterey Bay and spends a lot of time in that area, too. On the Wesleyan front, she got to catch up with Alexis Brooks when she was visiting from Washington, D.C. She ran into Megan Richards and Celeste Fowles Nguyen at the Wesleyan Hamilton event in San Francisco. On the life adventure front, Jenny has been studying dancehall and traveled to Jamaica for New Year’s to dance with a bunch of artists there, which she admits was pretty rad. Ahh, travel, remember that?

Stay well, everyone, and stay connected no matter what.

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