CLASS OF 2008 | 2018 | ISSUE 1

Stephanie Pfeiffer and Michael Stinetorf had so much fun celebrating their marriage vows with multigenerational Wes friends and family in Montana in July 2017, including Steve Pfeiffer ’69, Vic Pfeiffer ’71, Jil Zilligen ’90 and Chris Schedler ’90, Victoria Metz ’99, Emily Pfeiffer-Russell ’05, Alex Pfeiffer Reynolds ’06, Reinhardt Schuhmann ’06 and Sage Norman, Katie Fabac, Rosina Belcourt, Kate Zyskowski, Rachel Firestone, Jessica Jones, Liat Olenick, Jordyn Lexton, Sarah Meier-Zimbler, Sophie Reagan ’09, Kaya Ceci ’13, and Andrew Pfeiffer ’13!

Caroline Raclin writes, “2017 was a crazy year! I’ve been managing emergency health programs in Yemen, Iraq, and South Sudan with the International Rescue Committee. I also moved my ’home base’ to Stuttgart, Germany, so if anyone is ever traveling around southern Germany, let me know!”

Louis Langlois and Peter Mitchell James went fishing on the San Joaquin delta outside of San Francisco four days before Christmas. They didn’t catch anything. Lucas Carrico ’09, Michael Walker, Daisy Holman ’07, Ramona Holman-Walker (future class of ’25), Josh Ente and Eddie Klein attended Louis Langlois’ Annual Hanukah Latke Party in San Francisco. Mike started a grease fire, and Eddie took part in his first music jam session accompanied by Lucas on the tenor sax.

Karla Hargrave is working with soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause to expand the worldwide network of soundscape ecologists who contribute hard data to wilderness conservation efforts and to strengthen society’s awareness of the importance of the sounds of the natural world. She completed solo pilot expeditions in Chile’s Patagonia and Colombia’s Amazon Rainforest to establish sites for ongoing studies.

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