CLASS OF 2011 | 2017 | ISSUE 3

Class of 2011: I hope this update is finding you well! Lots of big wedding news to report! First big news is the wedding of Joe Giaimo to Emily Gatti. While Joe was at Wes, Emily enjoyed her fair share of trips to football/baseball games, Usdan brunches, DKE, and plenty of Main Street restaurants. Their wedding took place in August in New Jersey with many Wes folks in attendance including Alex Sakhno ’15, Eric Eckhardt, Donnie Cimino ’15, Mike Whalen ’83, director of athletics, Dan Dicenzo, head football coach, and Justin Freres, groomsmen and co-captain with Joe. Plus, Matt Coyne ’12, Michael Ruderman, RJ Dabbar ’12, and Nick Seara, groomsmen and co-captain with Joe as well.

Peter Belmonte writes, “I’m very much enjoying coaching, rowing, and teaching geometry in my sixth year at Xavier High School. I’m also enjoying helping Coach Carney with the Wesleyan Men’s Crew team. I’m looking forward to racing my single in the Head of the Charles this October! Go Wes!”

Zuleikha Hester contributes, “I moved to San Diego and am a brand new teacher! I just started teaching a 3-4 grade combo class.”

In more wedding news, Katie Colasacco informs us, “This September, Allie Rowan and I got married in Maryland surrounded by family and friends. We had fellow Wesleyan ’11 classmates Emma Lewis, Devon Hopkins, and Alyssa Arens by our sides on the big day, along with Allie’s sister and brother-in-law Emily ’08 and Dan Austin ’08 (who tied the knot in June). The Rooks were kind enough to play for our reception, and they kept the crowd on the dance floor all night. Allie and I are both thankful for a summer that’s been filled with so much Wes love!” Congratulations Katie and Allie!

Even more wedding news, Garrett Blank writes, “Brian Civale and Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Jameson were married in Boston on October 7 after meeting junior year. Wedding attendees included (among others): Katherine Mechling, Nic Yulinsky, Sam Broadaway, Elisa Shapiro, Dakota Gardner, and me. Brian is a public defender in New Hampshire and Lizzie works at Boston College in their fundraising department.”

And my own update! I finished my doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Southern California in May and took a job at Re+Active Physical Therapy and Wellness, an outpatient physical therapy practice that specializes in neurologic conditions. In January, I will be starting the Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship, a neurologic physical therapy fellowship that collaborates with UCLA to help develop physical therapy movement disorders specialists who subspecialize in evaluation and treatment of movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, Huntington’s disease, and functional movement disorders.

Thank you to everyone who contributed this cycle! Keep the updates coming!

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