CLASS OF 1950 | 2017 | ISSUE 1

Hello, classmates! It’s a new year—2017! In the last issue we enjoyed hearing from Cliff Milner, Roger Haskell, and Jud Miner. And now, how about hearing from you? Please call me or drop me a line with your latest news.

We are sorry to inform you of the death of our classmate, James Mutrie, on Oct. 26. He was a native of New Haven, and was well known in state political and journalism circles as dean of the Capitol press corps.

We also have been informed of the passing of Kenneth Widing on Oct. 16. Kenneth studied math at Wesleyan, then earned a master’s at Indiana University, Bloomington, and a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. He worked as an astrophysicist for the Naval Research Laboratory.

We are pleased to hear from Arthur Chickering, who sent a clever and thoughtful poem that he composed, “Turning Toward Ninety.”

“I’m entering my ninetieth year,” he said,

Patting the old gray mop on his head.

Perhaps boasting a bit to have reached such an age,

bemused by peers who had called him a sage.

Books, papers, and speeches aplenty

triggered awards from diverse cognoscenti.

But now he seems to be all written out

except for an occasional shout

calling on leaders, politicians, and factions

for tough minded, timely, deliberate actions,

Now happily home loving renaissance wife

after sixty five years creating their life.

They traveled the world whenever the chance

always up for whatever the dance,

tackling new cultures, relationships, tasks,

harvesting knowledge, replacing old masks,

learning and growing

from seeds they were sowing.

Tennis, hiking, swimming, canoeing,

downhill skiing, moonlight snowshoeing,

living an active adventurous life

free from conflict or serious strife.

Then out of the blue it went up in smoke

when she was struck by a serious stroke..

It was two-twenty-three, nineteen- ninety- nine,

A cloudless sky, the weather was fine.

After tuna melts and good red wine

they were ready to go

out to enjoy the fresh fallen snow

never to do so they did not know. Left arm and leg had no sensation

Walking with help was a major occasion.

A brand new existence

would test their persistence.

Multitasking had been their norm

now one at a time is the dominant form.

Since that day their lives have been shrinking

more and more time for leisurely thinking.

Listening, reading, checking TV

enjoying each series from BBC.

Visiting friends provoke thoughtful talks

meetings in town cause occasional walks.

So thus the years keep rolling by.

Deaths of friends prompt heartfelt sighs.

Living wills and power of attorney

all in order for the final journey.

Comfortably ready for the years that remain

two lives well lived is their final refrain.

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