CLASS OF 1958 | 2018 | ISSUE 3

Neil Springborn is very proud of his children and grandchildren. Son Jeff is in charge of the National Weather Service in Houston. Daughter Kristy was selected by her company to go to Peru and teach computer techniques at the university. Her daughter is a sophomore at Oregon U, just finished a semester in China (Singapore). His other son manages a building supply store in Muskogee. Finally, his other daughter is in California and is an accomplished barrel racer.

Dick Goldman attended an event to mark the 100th anniversary of his golf course. He also moderated a seminar on charitable giving at the Wesleyan Lawyers Group. Mark Davis ’96 of Wesleyan attended.

A note from Bart Bolton reminds me how fortunate I am to have moved from Wilmington, N.C.

An e-mail from Roger Turkington tells of his hope that the English department at Wes Tech will buy a copy of his third volume of poetry, which will go on sale in April.

Bill Richards’ granddaughter, Riley ’21, just transferred to Wesleyan. She will make a Richards in each century: a grandfather was in the Class of 1869, he was in 1958, and she will be 2021.

Hurricanes seem to have frightened Burr and Pirkko. Any plans to relocate to Florida are on hold. They are happy in their remote corner of France.

My old roommate, Dan Woodhead, is very proud of his son’s children. Jeff and wife Laura have two sons who are excelling at water polo at Stanford. A daughter is also a promising water polo player.

No rest for Ezra Amsterdam. While on sabbatical he is working on a book on heart disease for lay persons. And he continues with his passion for tennis.

Betsy and Dick Tompkins are in Minnesota for the summer and go back to their home in Florida in October. He hopes we will have a 65th Reunion.

Barbara and Frank Vietze wrote to tell me about their son-in-law, Dr. David Mangus, who teaches biotechnology at Brockton, Mass., high school.

Dennis Allee and his partner, Annie, split their time between the Outer Cape, Mass., and St. Pete, Fla. Dennis recently saw Mel Cote, who lost wife Polly last fall. Dennis recalls that Mel started lacrosse at Wesleyan along with John Spurdle ’59. Dennis reports that Art Geltzer is off on another exotic tour. Dennis keeps busy with a jazz radio program on every other Tuesday from 5 to 8 p.m.

Liz and Neil Henry enjoyed two weeks on Ocracoke, leaving there a couple of days before Hurricane Flo.

Tony Codding, whose wife is deceased, lives in New Hampshire and takes Caribbean cruises to escape the New England winters.

Bill Barnes found the Reunion most enjoyable. He compliments Goldman, Corkran, Seabury, Krenz, and Hordlow for various contributions. He also echoes a thought of mine: Let us have a 65th Reunion.

Old Reliable, John Corkran, was busy as usual. He and Toni, recovered from a shoulder injury, drove their pickup to Glacier Park in late July. They camped at Bowman Lake, where his mother and her father and siblings began camping in 1913! On the way home, they drove through Yellowstone, where they encountered a bison traffic jam. John’s oldest grandchild graduated with honors from the University of Rhode Island.

Kay and I attended a family wedding on Martha’s Vineyard in early September. We are both in good health and continue our leisure activities at an appropriate pace for our age, which means we are slowing down. Keep the info flowing.

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