CLASS OF 1995 | 2016 | ISSUE 2

Rachel Hunt and her family will be moving to Los Angeles this summer as her husband begins a new role at USC. She is excited to meet/connect with Wes folks out there. Her kids (K and grade 2) will begin school at the Franklin Avenue Elementary in August. Please reach out! : )

Stacy Theberge Taylor: “Sorry to have missed our Reunion last spring, but Niko Taylor made his debut on April 30, 2015, which was a little too close to make it possible. I was thinking about all of you, and wish I could have been there to celebrate on Foss Hill. Next time! In my small local mom group there are randomly two other Wes folk… Bryn Sewell ’04 and Jamie Green, who is married to Ezra Steinberg ’01. Ezra is also Makeala Steinberg Kingsley’s ’98 sister. Guess I had to have a baby to find my Wes tribe here in Maine.”

Laura Egendorf and Lauren Sitzer were in Phoenix, Ariz., celebrating Christianne Meneses Jacobs’ 45th birthday. Christianne reports that they enjoyed the weekend at the Marriott Revive Spa and ate real Mexican food for dinner every night. For her birthday, Christianne gifted herself a new 2016 Toyota Corolla.

Leah Bartell still lives in the Boston area, freelances as a violinist, and directs the music program at a small private school in Lexington. She founded her own youth orchestra in 2014, and it is endlessly inspiring to work with young musicians. Leah’s two sons, Adrian, 7 and Bryn, 4, keep her running around and laughing. Though Leah missed the last Reunion, she hopes to make it next time!

Katy McNeill: “Last month we (my wife, two daughters, and I) took a big leap and moved ‘across the pond’ for a job opportunity of mine. I’ve taken a position as the functional director for access for the UK Data Service (the primary archive for social and economic data for the UK), which is based at the University of Essex near Colchester. I look forward to connecting with alums out here (already work with Melanie Wright ’84, who is a colleague at the archive) and if you’re ever in the neighborhood please drop me a line!”

Matthew Gold writes: I’ve recently co-edited (with Lauren F. Klein) a new book out from the University of Minnesota Press: Debates in the Digital Humanities 2016. The book is the second Debates volume—the first was published in 2012 and was accompanied by an open-access, interactive Web version: We’ll be releasing a new version of the website in a few weeks that will contain the new book, as well. And Debates is now a book series from Minnesota, so more volumes will follow.”

Jeanne Bonner writes: “I have finally, finally added a grad school degree to my résumé—an MFA in creative writing from Bennington. It was hard work (the fantastic faculty included Alexander Chee ’89) but also fun to see what another New England liberal arts school was like!

In April, Dwayne Busby and his family enjoyed a Bajan vacation with Dale AllsoppMike JonesAyeisha King and Damon Smith and their families. Dwayne still lives in Houston and works at University of Houston-Clear Lake as executive director of development and alumni relations. Though this will be his last Notes as class secretary it will not be his last class note. Once a Wesleyan alumnus always a Wesleyan alumnus. Go, Wes!”

Ed. note: We thank Dwayne Busby for his many years of gracious service as 1995’s class secretary, and we’re delighted to welcome Bo Bell and Katy McNeill as the co-secretaries for 1995. You’ll hear from them soon as they begin preparing for the notes you’ll see in the next magazine in December.