CLASS OF 1994 | 2016 | ISSUE 2

Kate Gordon writes: “About a year ago I joined the team at the Paulson Institute, a think tank founded by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, to lead their work on climate and sustainable urbanization in the U.S. and China. In this role I’m still heavily involved in the Risky Business Project on climate risk that I helped to start in 2014; I’m also working with a team on the ground in Beijing to figure out how to translate high-level government goals on air quality and climate into real, concrete action on the ground. Unfortunately, all this work in China means I’m traveling a lot, which isn’t great for my kids (Julia is 9, Jacob is 5). Let’s hope Sheryl Sandberg is right and they respect me at the end of the day for working hard at something important!”

Dan Schwartz writes: “Just returned from Ecuador, where I had the honor to be the team physician with Team Rubicon as a part of a rapid-deployment disaster medical assistance team after a magnitude 7.8 Earthquake hit the area. Team Rubicon provided rescue, medical and reconnaissance aid to remote villages that could not be reached by the local government or NGOs. One of our mottos is “we go where the others can’t or won’t.” (See and click on “Class of 1994” to see the photos.)

John Pollock writes: “I’m pleased to announce the birth of Merritt Winton Pollock on July 21, 2015. Although he didn’t really take to the strange ritual we call ‘sleeping’ until he was about 7 months old, we absolutely adore the little guy. Merritt is an Alabama baby: I just marked my 10th year of residency in the state after initially coming in 2006 for a temporary nine-month job (I didn’t anticipate either the job continuing or meeting my amazing wife, Katie). While on recent work trips, I got to hang out with Anjali Waikar ’99 (Chicago) and Richard Silverman ’88 (New York); I loved these visits both for the reconnect as well as the chance to spend time in a state that isn’t … Alabama. Finally, my fantasy baseball league started at Wesleyan 26 years ago(!) is still going strong, with other team owners including Rob Harper-Mangels ’92, Steve Karon ’92, Rich Dansky ’92, and Aaron Siskind ’93.

Ed. note: We thank Ilana Newell and Jiyoung Gilbreth for their exceptional work as co-secretaries for the Class of 1994. We are delighted to announce that Samera Syeda Ludwig and Caissa Powell have agreed to take on the role as co-secretaries and we welcome them warmly. You’ll hear from them soon, when they request updates for the issue of Wesleyan that you’ll see in early December. Please welcome them and write to them at:

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