CLASS OF 2003 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Eve Hadley is a nurse-midwife in Rockport, Maine. She and her husband welcomed their son, Solomon Sugar Nelson, in January.

Jessica Ely is splitting her time these days working at Wolff Olins, a creative agency in NYC, and spending weekends at her house in the Berkshires where she paints and volunteers at the organic farm next door.

Roberta Pereira was appointed the producing director of The Playwrights Realm, an Off-Broadway theater company dedicated to supporting early career playwrights. She also continues to run Dress Circle Publishing, the premiere publisher of theater-themed books.

Neville Galloway-Williams has earned the title of Dr. Galloway-Williams. She is completing a postdoctoral fellowship specializing in PTSD at the Baltimore VA Medical Center. She, her partner Joshua, and daughter Alice (4), are thrilled to share that a new baby will be joining the family some time around Thanksgiving this year. They would love to hear from anyone living in the Baltimore area.

Johanna Russ and Rebecca Cohen welcomed their second daughter, Flora Josie, on June 28. Along with big sister Iris, they live in Chicago where Jo is an archivist for the Chicago Public Library and Rebecca is an attorney for the Office of the State Appellate Defender. They are also very proud of Vanessa Carbonell, who earned tenure at the University of Cincinnati where she teaches in the Department of Philosophy.

Chris Watters published a book, The Gamer’s Bucket List, in which he recommends a diverse selection of video games for your edification and enjoyment. He still loves living in Berkeley, with Jill Green ’02, who continues to outdo herself as the properties supervisor at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

On a beautiful July day, Amra Turalic and Jimmy Maynard were wed in Brooklyn, N.Y. Amra and Jimmy live in and enjoy all that New York City has to offer. Amra still works in healthcare PR and is loving it.

Christopher Walsh and Austin Horne Walsh welcomed their son, Cary James Walsh, in August.

Juliet Werner works as a segment producer on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and loves that living in NYC means she’s surrounded by great friends from Wesleyan.

Sonya Behnke Page was married to Emlen Page on Aug. 8, 2015 in Walpole, Maine. The couple celebrated with family and friends, including many Wesleyan alums.

Ricardo Watson welcomes the birth of his first child, Ricardo Junior, born March 2nd in London.

Aaron Gilary is in the D.C. area working for the Census Bureau, producing labor force estimates and conducting research for the Current Population Survey. In February, he and his wife, Jennifer Styles, welcomed their daughter, Nora Jane Gilary.