CLASS OF 2015 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Jenna Starr will be serving as the secretary for the class of 2015 notes in the magazine. She writes: “I’m so impressed with everything our fellow classmates have been up to since graduation. If any 2015ers wants to be in the future compilation of notes, please feel free to e-mail me at”

Oren Finard went biking around Europe for two months with a Wesleyan friend (from Edinburgh to London, Amsterdam to Brussels, the Loire Valley in France, and up the Rhine in Germany). Then in September, he moved to California to start his job at Google. And accidentally ran into another Wesleyan 2015er at a random party! Crazy!

Samuel Elias and Mackenzie McPike are research associates in the securities group at NERA Economic Consulting in NYC: “Our main contribution to NERA is starring on the company softball and soccer teams.” Additionally, Mackenzie volunteers as hockey coach for kids with special needs.

Max Shafer-Landau spent three months as a backpacking guide in Guatemala for a volunteer run organization called Quetzaltrekkers. They’re able to run a school and orphanage for over two hundred kids by leading treks to the highest point in Central America, Tajumulco, and through the highland cloud forests. Now that he’s back stateside, he moved as far from Middletown as he could, New Haven, where he’s now a graduate student in European and Russian studies at Yale.

Nora Thompson has been working in Manhattan at a healthcare tech startup that enrolls people into Medicaid, called BeneStream.

Since graduating, Andrew Yin has begun interning at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., and coaching youth baseball. Simultaneously, he is working on medical school applications with the hope of getting in and starting medical school in 2016.

Alyssa Brady spent the summer studying Arabic in Jordan with the Department of States’s Critical Language Scholarship and researching for the Arab Renaissance for Democracy & Development (ARDD) Legal Aid. She recently started her position as a research associate for the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, D.C., where she is writing for the Environmental Law Reporter, researching for a project with the Department of Agriculture, and assisting with the Environmental Law and Policy Review course at Vanderbilt Law School.

Six days after graduation, Hannah Rimm picked up and moved to the big bad New York City. Two days later she started working as the marketing coordinator at GKIDS, an independent film distributor that focuses on animated films. Now she’s a full-blown, nine-to-five-working New Yorker, pretending that real life is as great as soaking in the sun on Foss. She spends her days creating social media copy and writing e-blasts and marketing plans.

Kimora Brock’s first month living in Los Angeles has been a dream. Her experiences have ranged from getting her car broken into and robbed, to performing on stage at the Hollywood Bowl with Kanye West as a dancer and model! When not going to auditions or farmers markets, she is taking self-improvement and acting classes, but also practicing her viola and dance skills, too. She would love to get in contact with fellow alums in the area and/or industry. Her number is 301/717-6864

On Sept. 25th, Andrew McCloskey departed for Mozambique, where he will spend the next 27 months teaching 8th–12th grade biology as a volunteer for the US Peace Corps. Feel free to contact him at, as it is part of the mission of the Peace Corps for volunteers to share their experiences with people in the United States.

Chloe Jeng is working as a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton in DC. She has enjoyed working with and meeting other Wes alums, in particular Nicole Gerszberg and Robert Chang ’07.

Veronica Birdsall is at Columbia pursuing her PhD in neurobiology and behavior!

Steven Susaña-Castillo moved to New Haven at the end of August to work for Yale-New Haven Hospital as a public health researcher at Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluations (CORE).

Julia Sufrin has been interning at Aragi Inc., a renowned literary agency in Manhattan that represents authors including Jonathan Safran Foer, Junot Díaz, Claudia Rankine, Colson Whitehead, and Edwidge Danticat, to name a few. It’s a huge deal, she loves it there, and is honored to work for such an incredible agency responsible for finding some of the literary world’s greatest new voices.

Rebecca Wyzan lives in New York, working two jobs in the film industry. She is the assistant to filmmaker Sam Fleischner ’05 and the festival coordinator of the Video Art & Experimental Film Festival, which will take place Nov. 12–14 at the Tribeca Film Center.

Brett Keating, Zach Dravis, and Aaron Kalischer-Coggins live in Silver Lake and are learning to be Californians together. They are all “employed.”

This summer, Katherine Lu taught English for a month in Campinas Brazil under US-Brazil Connect as a Global Fellow. It is a Denver-based nonprofit that sends American college students and recent graduates to build intercultural ties between the two countries. It was a lot of fun, and a great way to gain experience in ESL teaching.

As part of Venture for America, Sam Rispaud joined a healthcare startup in Baltimore called Avhana Health. They are a small healthcare software company of nine people working to help doctors better use their electronic medical records. He’s doing a mix of software engineering and business development and learning a lot about the healthcare space. If there are any doctors out there who deal with prior authorization on a frequent basis or struggle to effectively implement clinical guidelines in their practice, please don’t hesitate to reach out ( They are looking for doctors to help pilot our software.

Since graduation Danielle Pruitt dedicated most of her time to eating her way through New York City. It can be pretty expensive, though, so in order to help fund this habit, she works at a media agency called Zenith Optimedia as an assistant on the digital/print activation team for Coty (a big fashion/beauty parent company). Yeah, sorry about those annoying ads where you can’t find the X… she also became an honorary member of the Producer’s Guild of America, which has been an awesome way for her to keep up with the film world while she immerses herself in the world of advertising.

This year, Zheyan Ni is on a Princeton in Asia (PiA) fellowship, working at a law firm in Hong Kong. PiA is a small, personal organization based in Princeton, N.J., that offers year-long fellowships in Asia that start after graduation. At this law firm, she is responsible for drafting sections of IPO prospectus and performing due diligence work, which she has never done before. During her free time, she is exploring local culture in HK, especially the food and the hiking trails. Apply to PiA!

Zachary Mintz moved to NYC and is an analyst at Citigroup in the global structured debt group.

Melissa Luning has been working on the residential team of Gould Farm since June 2015. Gould Farm is the first American therapeutic community for people diagnosed with mental illnesses, and it is located in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Her role on the farm is to support guests in their off-work time by organizing activities, driving trips off-farm, assisting with activities of daily living, administering medication, and most important, forming relationships with the people the farm serves. She is grateful to be part of such a progressive mental health recovery program that values community living and holistic healing. Her position provides valuable experience that she says will give her a context for future studies in this field.

Jenna Starr |

CLASS OF 2014 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Katherine Cohen is a cheesemonger and is “descending into self-parody.”

Josh Krugman has been touring the West Coast from LA to Seattle this fall with the Bread and Puppet Theater, a political puppet theater, with the show Fire. Along the way, he enjoyed the hospitality and company of Nate Dolton-Thornton ’16 and Emma Leonard ’13 in Berkeley, Calif., and saw Ethan Tischler by chance during a performance of The Comet’s Passage Over Reality Pageant in Dolores Park in San Francisco.

Sandy Lee is working at American Councils for International Education on the Flagship Program, assisting with the program administration of the Chinese Overseas Flagship. The flagship program is an initiative of NSEP, funded by DOD. “I help Flagship students process their applications for a year long ’capstone’ program in China and keep the funders updated on their adventures. It’s great to work for something you are passionate about. Attending Wesleyan gave me the opportunity to travel abroad (China, Korea, Japan), which helped me realize that I want to work in international studies or education. Also learning conversational Russian at work. This is my second season interviewing Wes applicants.”

Tom Brewer writes: “Having received less-than-polite rejection letters from all the major publishing houses, I’ve temporarily given up hope of turning my poetry to ’cold hard cash’; brilliant as my book will likely be regarded in 15 years, neglect is the sad fate of many a great artwork that comes ahead of its time. Not to be discouraged, I took life by its proverbial horns and hopped on a plane at LAX, a red-eye to the Twin Cities, inverting the au courant narrative of Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA by eschewing the glamour of the Big American City for the amity of the Small American Town. I now reside in a passably cozy halfway house in suburban Minneapolis (all I could afford!), where I’m working towards a real estate license. Initially over-confident in my abilities, I failed the exam after a woefully minimal engagement with its subject; I now atone for my Sin of Pride, thoroughly engrossing myself in the nuance of Minnesota’s realty laws. Soon I will be making a realtor’s honest living, which should keep me sated while I wait for history to catch up with my contribution to the literary avant garde—and for the delicious royalties that will inevitably follow.”

Mary diaz |

CLASS OF 2013 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Thanks to all my fellow classmates for their submissions. Here we go!

Ben Smith writes in from Chicago, where he is developing a science fiction radio comedy and looking for brilliant Wesleyan voices to audition. Contact him if you’d like to participate! Bennett Kirschner is engaged in a round-the-clock method acting exercise to play the role of Rick Freehold in “i dreamed i was decent,” a semi-autobiographical tale by John Locke Schmidt. If anyone visits New Orleans, watch for him on Canal Street—he is easily spotted in his distinctive sleeping mask. Chris McNabbwas the editor for an interactive documentary (, and the project won an Emmy award in the category of New Approaches: Documentaries. The documentary has received a lot of success since launching last June; it was awarded Best Interactive Documentary by World Press Photo earlier this year, and a short film cut from it went to Sundance in January. But the Emmy has kind of taken the cake!

Since her last update, Kristen Salustro has written and started up a Kickstarter for her second novel, and the book will be officially released on Nov. 18. It’s titled Unbroken Light and is the sequel to her first novel, Chasing Shadows. She’s slowly but surely building up an audience for both her science fiction series and her Etsy shop. While she’s still living and working in New Jersey, there’s a strong chance that she’ll be moving to L.A. next spring and is looking forward to that interesting turn.

Shemuel Garber just moved to Vienna to start an MA in philosophy at the University of Vienna and works as a genital autonomy activist in collaboration with the German organization intactive.V. Adam Burt graduated from UConn this spring with a bachelor of science in nursing and is now employed at Backus Hospital in Norwich, Conn., as an emergency department RN. Melody Oliphant just moved to New Haven to begin a two-year fellowship in a genetics research lab at Yale’s Child Study Center. Robert Vance is in his second year of law school at Berkeley. He is also being published in the upcoming role-playing game Exalted, Third Edition. Sandy Durosier started working full time at Yale School of Medicine in the Department of OB/GYN and Reproductive Services as a post-graduate associate. She studies the association of an inflammatory chemokine and preterm labor. Kevin Curtin recently moved up to Boston and would love to reconnect with other Wes folks there. He’s working for Summit Partners, a global growth equity firm that invests in rapidly growing companies in technology. Randy Linder is entering his second year of the associate’s program at Capital Group, an investment management firm based in LA. He’s heading over to San Antonio for a short rotation with their service analytics team. Randy is also still playing chess and doing Brazilian jiu jitsu during his free time. If any Wes alums are in the area, contact him to re-connect over coffee/drinks!

Nick Devane is taking his company, Homemade, through the Techstars NYC program. He’s living with Augustin Vita and Nate Howell ’14 in the Big Apple. He spent a lot of last year finding himself, briefly stopping to begin work on a quasi-biographical creative short fiction piece, and truly believes that he’s most of the way there. Nick is looking forward to mentoring Matt Gross ’15, as he moves in with the crew and begins his pursuit of a musical odyssey across NYC. As always, Nick is taking care of Zulu and making sure to spend lots of time with techies and former Wes celebs.

Kelsey Muller, on track to graduate with her master’s in biomedical engineering from USC in December, is working at SynTouch, LLC, a prosthetics and robotics company that specializes in bio­mimetic sensors. In her non-existent free time, she has taken up rock climbing and trains city squirrels to help the LA recreational department clean up local parks. After working at AquaJust and serving as a New Sector RISE Fellow, AmeriCorps affiliate, and content designer for the National Corporate Engagement team at Year Up, Evan Hazelett started work in the Bay Area this September at social enterprise Imperfect Produce, America’s first ugly produce brand that seeks to turn food waste into food access while “redefining beauty in produce.” About 20 percent of produce grown on American farms ends up in landfills because it doesn’t meet the strict cosmetic standards of our supermarkets. Imperfect buys this ugly produce directly from California farmers, boxes it up, and provides a delivery service and pick-up locations for consumers at up to 50 percent off grocery store prices.

Kevin Brisco wrote that he and his housemates contemplated adopting kittens at their home in NOLA. However, they decided three kittens were unbecoming of young professionals. So they settled for a cactus and several succulents instead.

Laura Yim |

CLASS OF 2011 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Lots of exciting news from the class of 2011!

Laura Heath and Allegra Stout ’12 report, “We’re thrilled to announce that we are getting married! We got engaged in August and are planning our wedding for late 2016 or 2017. We have been living in a cooperative house of 11 people in Boston since Allegra’s graduation. Laura is pursuing her PhD in archaeology and teaching in the writing program at Boston University. Allegra works as a community organizer at the Boston Center for Independent Living, a disability rights and services organization.”

Isabel Magowan graduated from Yale’s MFA photography program in May. Over the summer her works were shown at Danziger Gallery in NYC and Regen Projects in LA. She’s based in Brooklyn, N.Y., where she continues to make video and photographic works. Isabel’s work can be found at

Elana Scudder Gaines writes, “Mike and I are still loving New Orleans! He is finishing up law school and I have been working hard on expanding my invitations, stationery, and graphic design business, Elana Klein.”

Jared Gimbel just finished his degree in Modern Jewish Studies at JTS. He now works as a translator and teacher of Germanic languages in the New York area. His new tabletop adventure game series, Kaverini, was released in August to public acclaim, with installments either published or being planned for Flanders, Antarctica, Austin, Krakow and Papua New Guinea (among others) and a video game iteration of the series on the horizon.

Eliza Gordon writes, “I started a new job this year as the bilingual reading specialist/instructional coach at Brooke Elementary, still in Austin, Texas. This is my first year out of the classroom after teaching for the past four years and it is quite a change! I am also in my second and final year of my master’s degree in educational administration through the Principalship Program at The University of Texas at Austin (UT). My new role has already been a great learning experience, as I move towards becoming a principal, although I do miss the classroom very much.”

The former Tamar Charles reports, “I recently got married to Derick Beresford ’13. I’m now Tamar Beresford.

From Katie daCruz, ”This past September Andrew Kneynsberg ’09 and I got married in Newport, R.I.”

Becky Eidelman writes, “In March of this year I became engaged to Todd Rosenthal ’10. I now work at the New England Board of Higher Education as the project coordinator.”

Eli Kendall is living in Boston and is in the last year of the social work program at Boston College. He spent a great weekend in Rochester visiting Chris Doucette with Aaron Melendez, Emily Kodis, and Hannah Robinson.

Margot Boyer-Dry reports, “I’m still at betaworks and also publishing a culture newsletter called Lorem Ipsum. It’s super Wesleyany-—pop culture on top and sociology underneath—and people can find it at”

Donovan Arthen informs us, “I am in the Republic of Georgia, working as a sommelier and getting ready to import natural wines to the U.S.”

Last but not least an update from Joe Giaimo: “Our 5th Reunion is right around the corner. Registration opens in March and rooms go quickly, so do not wait to sign up. Our goal is to have at least 374 of us back to celebrate five years! If interested in participating in the Reunion committee, please contact Brittany Richard, assistant director of the Wesleyan Fund, at”

So great to hear from so many of you this round! Look forward to seeing everyone in May for our 5th year Reunion! Wow!

Allie Southam |

CLASS OF 2010 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

The Class of 2010 has a handful of updates to mention for this edition:

Long overdue kudos goes out to Matthew Lamothe, an executive producer for Jeff Rice Films in Beverly Hills, Calif., who this year celebrated the debut and acquisition of his indie feature, I’ll See You in My Dreams, starring Malin Ackerman, Sam Elliott, Blythe Danner, Martin Starr, Rhea Perlman, Mary K Place and June Squibb. The film sold and premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival back in January. Matt is the son of Dr. Henri Lamothe ’80.

In October 2015, Evan Perkoski defended his dissertation, Organizational Fragmentation and the Trajectory of Militant Splinter Groups, at the University of Pennsylvania. Evan is now spending the year as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government while he applies for academic jobs down the road.

Dan Bloom updates us that he “is the co-founder of Slope, a tool that makes it easy for teams to work together on visual content.” In the spring, his company was accepted into Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. He moved to Seattle to work closely with Microsoft and grow the business. The company now has eight employees and is growing fast. “If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, come say hello!”

Emily Sheehan has been living in Philadelphia for the past four years. For the past two she has been working at her current job, a board-certified music therapist in an inpatient behavioral health facility, working with adults and adolescents in crisis. “The most exciting recent event in my life was getting married to my longtime partner, Gilbert Gavigan, on July 25th, 2015, and getting to see awesome Wes alum friends there—Alice Kirkland, Melody Wang and Jon Gillick ’09, Emily Hoffman, and Hallie Coffin-Gould.” Emily was also lucky enough to see Pope Francis ride by in his Popemobile and attend his outdoor mass on the parkway while he was in Philadelphia this past September. She’s feeling “very grateful for the past year :).”

Finally, I’m happy to announce that Ramanan Sivalingam was named one of Institutional Investor’s 2015 Rising Stars of Wall Street Research. The annual list is prepared by Institutional Investor’s All-America Research Team. The research team asks Wall Street’s foremost buy-siders to identify distinguished up-and-comers who have been publishing buy-side economic research for less than three years and who seem destined for greater prominence in the industry. This year’s list reflects the opinions of 675 individuals from nearly 370 firms that collectively manage an estimated $5.9 trillion in U.S. equities. This is a great honor for Ram who adds that he is “eager to help fellow Wes students who want to get started in this industry.” Congratulations!

As always if anyone has notes to add—anytime—feel free to send me an e-mail at:

David Layne |

CLASS OF 2009 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Hello, class of 2009! I hope everyone is enjoying the fall season. Below are some quick updates on your fellow classmates:

Brittany Delany recently moved back to California to take a full-time position at the La Quinta Arts Foundation. She writes, “It was so lovely to connect with Leslie Prado ’08 in Washington D.C. in September. [I’m] currently making plans to visit Sarah Ashkin ’11 in Santa Fe for continuing dance and choreography projects. If any Wes alums are in the Palm Springs area, reach out!”

Megan Vees reports that she just started her first year at Harvard Law.

In September, Eric Weiskott and Sofia Warner got married at Sofia’s parents’ home in Brookline, Mass. Many ’09 alumni attended.

Matt Nevin and Melanie Nelson were married on Sept. 12 in Canterbury, N.H. The wedding was officiated by the lovely LaShawn Springer ’08. There were many Wesleyan alumni in attendance including Maddie Sage-Ee, Aaliya Zaveri, Ben Brewer, Harold Flores, Jamil Alexis ’10, Noel Flores ’10 and Michael Nelson ’12, who were all in the bridal party. Mel and Matt live in Boston. Matt is wrapping up his MBA at Northeastern this fall and Melanie is working as a commercial litigation associate at Nixon Peabody LLP.

Finally, Jacob Milstein released his 2015 album, As Free As Wanting Anything.

Thanks to those who sent in notes. Let’s keep them coming!

Alejandro Alvarado |

CLASS OF 2008 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

As usual, ’08 has a lot of good news!

Alpay Koralturk writes: “I had a wedding in Istanbul this August. My Wesleyan friends Norman AzoulayTom VolgenauNelson Azoulay ’09Miller Nuttle ’09Christian Freire ’09, and Ryan Brill ’10 all attended the wedding and it was a blast!”

In early October Ben Nissim married Karen (née Levinstim). They’re living and working in and around West Hartford, Conn.,and enjoying spending lots of time with other Wes grads in the area.

Caroline Janin has been living in Lima, Peru, working for an investment fund since she graduated in May 2014 from Columbia Business School, which she happily attended with fellow ’08er Nyambura Gichohi. Caroline was married in Paris in June and celebrated with Tara Moore, Armando Palha, Asli Sonceley, Nyambura Gichohi, Lauren Goldman, Maddie Rottman, Katie Kalafus ’09 and Sonia Livdahl. Most important, she recently got a soft, chubby, French bulldog named Joséphine, who is working on her social media presence with Instagram account josephinebulldog.

Justin Douglas writes: “Jennifer Madowitz Douglas and I married this past May in New York City. After the wedding, we road-tripped from San Diego, Calif., to West Hartford, Conn., where we now live. Along the way, we stayed with friends and family, including Brooke Richart.

Amidst all of the wedding bells, AJ Taucher and his wife, Jackie, are celebrating the birth of their son, Griffin, who made his appearance on Sept. 30, 2015. AJ is still living and working in Long Beach, Calif., and has enjoyed running into several alums when in the LA area.

Emily Einhorn and Jeff Wong are happy to be back in the Northeast again! After three years in Florida, they are back in the land of Wesleyan, living for the first time in New York City. Both are working at independent schools in the city and love being able to walk to work.

Leslie Prado is living in D.C. and is almost half way through the clinical year of the GWU physician assistant program. She is in her surgery rotation and is starting the PICU in November.

Lyz Nardo recently became brand manager for Tipsy Scoop ice cream. They churn small batch, liquor-infused ice cream made from locally sourced ingredients in New York. All flavors are five percent ABV. Flavors range from maple bacon bourbon to Mexican “hot” chocolate to grapefruit Paloma sorbet. This is an incredibly fun and unique opportunity! They are growing quickly, which keeps her very busy year-round!

Sophia Kim shared, “I graduated from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing this past July, passed my boards, and then went on a six-week trip to Wyoming to see old friends and go climbing as much as possible. It was great, and now I’m back in Baltimore, working at the Johns Hopkins Hospital neuroscience critical care unit as an RN.”

After spending four years as the assistant tennis coach at Brandeis, Pauri Pandian was awarded 2015 ITA Northeast Men’s and Women’s Assistant Coach of the Year, 2015 ITA National Men’s Assistant Coach of the Year, and just began as the head coach at Wheaton College, in Norton, Mass., this fall.

Finally, Ruby Ross writes: “I just started a new job as a teaching assistant for a French-immersion second grade class at The International School of Louisiana and continue to gig around town solo and with my duo Crossing Canal. My Balkan band, Blato Zlato (with Annie Kelly among others), is on hiatus until December when all members get back to town, but we’re hoping to play Golden Fest in New York again this coming year. And the biggest news: I’m getting married in November!”

Alicia collen Zeidan |

CLASS OF 2007 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Victoria writes: Max Baehr still lives in New York, which feels like it’s been going on both forever, and for all of 15 minutes. New York is like that, apparently. He lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, Abigail, and is planning on getting married mid-next year. So, fiancée, technically. In any case, she’s pretty cool. He’s recently taken a client-facing position with the marketing product Percolate, for which he is anxious and excited in equal measure. Max isn’t the only one tying the knot. Zach Canter recently (July 11) got married to the beautiful Christina Canter (née Ditolla), in Boston, their hometown. Many Wesleyan alumni and their spouses attended, including Gabe Landes ’02 (Zach’s brother-in-law), Shavawn Dean Waelsch, Chris WaelschJoe Pepe (best man), Brian MahrTim Cullen, Molly Adams Mautone, Alex Mautone, James Picariello, and Hannah Stubbs Picariello ’06.

Allison Wilcox got married to her longtime partner, Will Connell, at her family’s farm in upstate New York, Woodshill Homestead; Mike James and Veronica Slaght were among those in attendance. Will and Allison then moved from Louisville, Ky., to the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire, where Allison has since started her residency in general surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. They’d love to connect with any fellow Wes alums in the area!

Grace Nowakoski also had a whirlwind summer spent in the Pacific Northwest. She attended three weddings, including Jacqueline Rubinstein’s to her lovely bride, where it was nice to reconnect with the three out of four bridesmaids who were Wes folk: Nicole SugermanEmily Keeler, and Rosa Cohen-Cruz, spent time with her husband Jeff Diteman’s family, and grilled with old friends in Portland, Ore. Sadly, she didn’t make it to Brooke Duling’s wedding in beautiful windy Astoria. She’s happy to be back in western Massachusetts, where she gets to see Katie Koerten almost as much as she wants to, and runs into Rachel Lindsay ’05. She works as an assistant to a quilt artist and is training to become a doula while Jeff gets a PhD. She’s looking forward to her second New England autumn in six years!

Wesleyan grads are making a lot of great career moves. Eric Altneu is living in Houston for residency and is looking for other Wes grads in the area! Kerem Alper moved back to Istanbul, his hometown, to start a design incubator called Atölye Labs ( and opened a co-working space called Atölye Istanbul ( for the creative community.

Kimberly Greenberg graduated in May from an MBA program at the University of Notre Dame, which was a great experience—oh, and very different from the Wesleyan environment, to say the least! She then moved out to the Bay Area to work with a tech start-up, and her goal is to ultimately work in impact investing. As always, she loves catching up with Wesleyan folks out here and elsewhere 🙂 Hit her up if you’re in the Bay Area and want to catch up, crash with her, etc.!

Over the summer Daphne Clyburn graduated from Bennington College’s Master of Arts in Teaching a Second Language program. She continues to teach Spanish at Saint James School in Hagerstown, Md., and she is excited about taking what she learned both at Wesleyan and Bennington and rethinking what learning a language looks like for young people today!

Patrick Meaney just wrapped shooting on his first narrative feature film, Trip House. The movie shot in LA for a month in August and had the assistance of several younger Wes grads on the crew. It will hopefully be out next year.

After graduating from Temple Law and practicing in Philadelphia, Amy Rosen now works as a corporate governance analyst for CQ Roll Call in Washington, D.C. She recently finished the Ocean City, N.J., half marathon in 1:54:52.

When Brian Dilks-Brotman last checked in, he was working in Philadelphia as a wage and hour attorney, helping victims of wage theft obtain the compensation owed to them by greedy bosses who tried to cheat them out of their pay. He has since changed jobs, but he is proud to say that he is still fighting greedy bosses, as a staff representative for a public sector union in New Jersey.

Other Wesleyan graduates are helping to create the Wesleyan classes of the future. Janine Criscuolo Sax and Ben Sax just had their first baby girl on May 8th—Zoe Caroline Sax!

Zachary Kolodin and his wife, Hilary, celebrated the birth of their son, Jett, on Sept. 3, 2015. Zach graduated from NYU Law in May 2014, and is now an associate at Boies, Schiller & Flexner. He will be clerking for Judge Edward Korman of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York starting in 2016, followed by Judge Chester Straub of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Zach, Hilary, and Jett live in Brooklyn.

Victoria Pinsky and Megan Harrington |

CLASS OF 2006 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Madeline Shapiro Samit produced the film The Diary of a Teenage Girl, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The film was released by Sony Pictures Classics and came out in theaters Aug. 7. The cast includes Bel Powley, Alexander Skarsgard and Kristen Wiig. The film is set in the backdrop of 1970s San Francisco and involves a teenage artist with a brutally honest perspective who tries to navigate her way through an affair with her mother’s boyfriend.

Alex Weber is pursuing the American dream in Beijing, China, with his wife, children, and dogs. He is a senior business development manager at Rosetta Stone, curing monolingualism one case at a time for Chinese and foreign businesses and organizations.

Teague Hopkins is the co-host of StartUpJab, a talk show about startups and the people who start them. Past guests include pro gamers who have discussed the business of eSports, the Press Secretary of NASA, and Steve Sunu ’08 who talked about the business of comic books.

Daniel Dykes attended his 10th reunion for the Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program at Mystic Seaport. He lives with his girlfriend in Manhattan and recently celebrated one full year as an associate at international law firm Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle.

Rebecca Rosenfelt and her husband, Michael Yamartino, relocated from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon. They will continue in their roles as product managers at Airbnb and Pinterest respectively. They enjoy hosting Airbnb guests and friends from around the world in the in-law apartment beneath their house and spend most of their spare time convincing friends and family to move to Portland.

Hannah Gay has launched malinaSI Social Impact Consulting, which connects and strengthens mission-driven organizations and individuals. Feel free to reach out to her if you or your company could use some help driving social impact! She was also very excited to catch up with her pals at the Oct. 24 wedding of Marianne Reyes and Mike Lima ’08.

Hanako Moondance completed her master’s in library science with certificates in storytelling and youth services. She hopes to gain employment in a public library somewhere in Los Angeles. Laura Rindlaub completed her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University of Denver in August 2015. Her internship year brought her and her husband back to New York City in 2014. She is a postdoctoral fellow at a private psychotherapy center in Long Island, where she specializes in dialectical behavior therapy. She and Risa Cyr were bridesmaids in the wedding of Samantha Marshall to Phillip Hurst in late October 2015 in what I’m told was a beautiful celebration!

Sam Han got married in July 2015 in New York City to Zarelda Marie Goh, a magazine editor in Singapore. Wesleyan folks in attendance include Bettina Schlegel, Daniel Reif, Shayna Jeffers, Quiana Stokes, Alyson Mance, Willy Friedman, Jess Smith, Noah Isaacs, Ming Alterman, Kate Bryant, Lauren Stossel ’07, David Stein, Liz Dee, Mike Murphy ’05, Elizabeth Isaacs ’05, Jeff Haynes ’07, Nick Garin ’08, Sara Kim ’07, Liana Kohn-Gardner ’07, Tala Bouzarjomehri ’08, and Josh Stephens ’07. Sam works a professor of sociology at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. He is fortunate to have had two books published: Technologies of Religion: Spheres of the Sacred in a Post-Secular Modernity and Digital Culture and Religion in Asia. Big congrats!

Arielle Edelman married Adam McHenry in Milwaukee. In attendance were Lizzy Cohen, Will McCue, Cara Chebuske, and Matt Ferrisi ’03. They fondly reminisced about living together at 72 High Street. Arielle is working in public health and human rights at Open Society Foundations, with a whole crew of Wesleyan folks, including Catesby Holmes ’05 and Jeff Stein ’10. Congratulations!

Congrats to Emily Seife who wed Josh Nathan-Kazis ’07 in Queens, N.Y., on Jan. 3, 2015. Wes aluma in attendance include Emily Klasson, Alison Koch, Meredith Steinberg, Marjorie Kaye, Kate Angell, Steve Rubinstein, Sara Kaplan-Levenson, Aaron Sussman ’07, Adam Chamberlain ’07, and Brandon Stein ’07.

Curt Murphy and Dawn Murphy just had a baby on Aug. 23, 2015. Hunter Murphy will hopefully be in the Wes class of 2030-something. Hunter has already visited Wesleyan so it’ll be an easy transition! Willy Friedman and Jess Smith are also new parents! Their daughter Ruby Max Friedman was born Sept. 23, 2015, and is doing great! Congratulations to Luke Basta and Jessica Basta, who now have a second son in their home! Their son, Theo Augustus Basta, was born Aug. 8, 2015.

As for me, I’m still in New York City working as a freelance editor. I currently co-host a show in Park Slope in Brooklyn at Freddy’s Bar every first and third Monday. The show is the longest running stand-up comedy show in Brooklyn and is going 12 years strong. I always give away free candy and chocolate, so feel free to stop by!

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