CLASS OF 1970 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Aloha, all. I haven’t had a lot of response to the call for news for this column, but here we go, anyway.

Had this from Colin Kitchens: “Somehow I find myself still alive after all this time. Yet I am still almost as devoid of sense about why as I was when we were roommates. I did see Peter Pfeiffer ’69 on his farm in Maine. He is living off the grid, pretty much like Thoreau, and he has done this since we graduated. I have seen Jamie Kirkpatrick at Landon School, from which he is now retired. He’s traveling. He and his wife have posted incredible pictures of their trips, especially to Scotland. Stephen Talbot is working in San Francisco and making documentaries, and always has a word about something extremely worth seeing. I am working on my house and writing some.”

And this shortie from Gordon Fain: “Had a nice phone ’mini reunion’ with Mark Lerner ’71, who is now a ranking attorney in OSHA federal appeals in D.C.”

And then there was a rather odd e-mail discussion about columns. I don’t recall how it began, but it involved Stephen Voorhies ’71, John Yurechko, Jeffrey Nye, Jeffrey Sarles, Mark Mintz, George Ward, Michael Robinson ’73, and Ted Reed. The subject was “Kidnapped by the Ancients In the Desert?”, I think. I believe John Y. is to blame for this. Something to do with some photos that I think he posted on WesConnect involving Roman columns. In any case, it will get all their names into print. It’s all pretty dated now, as there was a reference by Ted to going to the basement to watch the resurging Mets on a small television, pre-playoffs. A pretty good series, especially the first game (14 innings, if you missed it) and that double in the last game that scored all three runners on base at the time. I was very impressed with a score all the way from first base on a double. Wish I still could run without my back acting up, much less that fast!

Well, that has to be about the weirdest paragraph I’ve written in this column in the 30 years (total) I’ve written it. So I have to follow it up with something even weirder: After six years of trying to get construction on our little house in the valley started, we finally signed the construction loan. The first supplies are on order (the solar energy system, including a stand-alone rack) and we anticipate breaking ground within the month, depending on shipping times and the condition of the valley road. Cannot believe we’ll be taking out a huge mortgage at this time in life. If interested, check out my FB photos or e-mail me.

Last thing I have for you is that Rob Baker was sighted on Kaua’i recently, visiting with friends and doing a little construction on a property not far, as the crow flies, from our lot in Kalihiwai Valley or from Neil Clendeninn’s ’71 place. Hope to visit with him when he next comes and hope to see many of you here in the coming years.

Meanwhile, all of you take care of yourselves and each other.

Russ Josephson |

P.O. Box 1151, Kilauea, HI 96754