CLASS OF 2004 | 2014 | ISSUE 3

Adam Barton spent much of 2014 working on a new science/comedy series for National Geographic called Going Deep with David Rees. It’s a “how-to show for things you think you already know how to do.” For example, one segment is called how to light a match. Media from to Rolling Stone have been raving about the series, but ultimately real people need to watch this show, not just magazine editors, so please check out Adam’s show on cable or His production company also partners with Tantra World Wide on a music and travel series called Music Voyager which airs on PBS. Incredible work by our classmate!

Sara Sadownik moved to Boston over the summer and is loving her new job with the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission, working for the state on issues of sustainable health care cost growth. She hangs out with Rebecca Brigham ’05 and other fine Wes alums. She also bummed around Santa Fe with Tantri Wija ’03 for two weeks before the big move!

Greg Heller got married in May to Diana Lind. Celebrating the wedding with them were Mike Gilles, Kate Patterson Gilles, Liz King ’03, and Annika Brink ’05. In September Greg was named CEO of American Communities Trust, a national community development organization, dedicated to “building social impact” in urban and low-income communities across the U.S.

Raven Maldonado-Brown and Rasheed Brown had their baby boy on Aug. 8, 2014, and he’s just the cutest thing ever! His name is Wesley Alexander Brown and contrary to what most may think, he is not named after Wesleyan. It is pretty cool that his nickname will be Wes, and whenever Raven says his name, a little memory of her alma mater shines through!

Lauren Pearlman received her doctorate in American Studies and African American Studies from Yale University and is now a visiting assistant professor at the United States Military Academy, which is a lot like Wesleyan (but with more guns). When she’s not teaching up there, she spends time with her husband, Fletcher Durant ’03, son Felix who is now 2.5 year old, and all the other Wes parents in Brooklyn.

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Intern at the Wesleyan Office of Communications for Spring and Summer 2015. Currently working towards meeting the requirements for an Economics and Government dual major. A Wesleyan Posse Veteran.