CLASS OF 2009 | 2021| ISSUE 1

Hello fellow ’09ers, below are some updates on your classmates:

     Eli Wilson has recently released his first book, through NYU Press, entitled Front of the House, Back of the House: Race and Inequality in the Lives of Restaurant Workers. “The book makes for a pretty decent read for anyone interested in learning (or teaching) about race, service work, immigration, and social inequality. So far, the book has received some promising early reviews.” You can learn about it at

      Evan Coleman had a baby with his wife on December 24, 2020. His name is Reece, and he’s a healthy, happy future Cardinal!

     Sharmeen Mazumder would like to announce the birth of her daughter, Rokeya, and her marriage to Rokeya’s father, Robin Gordon Leavitt.

     Jodie Rubenstein is living in Alexandria, Virginia with her husband and nine-month-old baby Hiram. She is working as the director of development for the Patriotic Millionaires.

     Lastly, after spending a year in Manhattan working as an anesthesiologist on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hollie Matlin moved to the Philadelphia area with her husband Ross and her toddler son, Noah. She is in awe of the wildlife in her yard—groundhogs, foxes and a whole family of deer.

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CLASS OF 2009 | 2020 | ISSUE 1

Hi, Class of 2009. Some exciting notes to share on your classmates as we enter the new decade:

Bryan Wieland writes: “My wife, Nicole, and I welcomed the newest future Cardinal to our family, Cameron Wieland. He was born Sept. 18.”

Justin LaSelva and Sarah Yost married in Hawaii in December. Wonderful Wesfolk Jeffrey Kaplan and Laura Rubin attended the traditional Hawaiian ceremony, which took place on an off-grid mountainside coffee plantation. Justin, who has been living in Austin since 2011, works in information security at The University of Texas at Austin; Sarah is a senior product marketing manager with National Instruments. The two recently built a house and share it with their adorable Havanese, Seymour. Outside of work, Justin produces a weekly radio show on the cooperatively owned and operated KOOP 91.7 FM.

Annie Paladino began a barbell-coaching business last year. Paladino Strength is body-positive, identity-affirming, and no-nonsense, helping folks of all ages, genders, and sizes become strong and capable. She enjoys working with beginners and those who are new to fitness, as well as anyone who has felt intimidated or unwelcome in traditional fitness spaces. She coaches private sessions and group classes in Seattle, as well as offering online coaching for folks around the world. Find her at

Daphne Schmon writes: “I am approaching my fifth year living in London and will be going into production on my debut narrative feature film this March. The Eye is a very personal project, a psychological thriller co-written with close friend Emily Carlton, and set on the Greek island where my mom is from. This spring will also mark the third edition of our Breaking Through The Lens initiative, connecting female directors to film financiers at the Cannes Film Festival (”

Sofia Warner and Eric Weiskott welcomed their daughter, Lili, into the world in August.

Katie Hanna got married to Will Cerbone on Aug. 17, in Cold Spring, N.Y. Bridesmaids included Madeline Trimble, Lauren Barth, and Joan Bosco. Eyal Bar-David and Jia Yee also attended.

Lastly, former tennis stars Matthew O’Connell and Ania Prenata are teaming up in doubles play versus a new opponent, their daughter Natalie Halina O’Connell, born on Jan. 4, 2020. This match will certainly end with a score of Love-Love.

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CLASS OF 2009 | 2019 | ISSUE 2

Hi, fellow 2009ers! Here are some updates on your classmates.

Allison Heaney Lamson is living in Philadelphia with one husband, two cats, and two daughters. She is working for Temple Law School in their global legal studies department.

Jodie Rubenstein and her husband Alex (and their dog Barnum) moved back to Alexandria, Va., after a two-year stint in Denver.

Matt Connolly completed his first year as an assistant professor of film studies at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He earned his PhD in film studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison last May. He’s thrilled to see old friends at this year’s 10-year Reunion, especially Sara Beth Hoffman and Laurenellen McCann.

Sophie Reagan writes “I’m in D.C. doing federal consulting at Deloitte but currently living that maternity-leave life. Our daughter Lily was born in April. It’s pretty amazing and totally nuts, and I am beyond grateful to my crew of Wes moms including cousins Rosa Cohen-Cruz ’07 and Stephanie Pfeiffer ’08, and dear friends Emily Dine, Sophia Dumaine, and Ally Lamson.”

Seth Halpern’s tech company is being acquired and integrated into a newly formed venture to build a network of modern and thoughtful therapy practices across the country.

Lastly, Joe Newman writes: “As of January I’ve started at the law firm Fenwick & West, working on privacy issues and focusing on supporting the video game industry. Also, my wife, Allie, and I are expecting a baby girl this August—super excited!”

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CLASS OF 2009 | 2019 | ISSUE 1

Hi, Class of 2009! Notes from your classmates are as follows: Last May, Matt Connolly received his PhD in film studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is now an assistant professor of film studies in the department of English at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Joe Newman left Ubisoft to start as a technology transactions associate at Fenwick & West, staying in San Francisco, focusing on privacy matters, especially as they affect the video game industry.

Kennedy Odede ’12 and Jessica Posner welcomed baby Oscar Garvey Odede in August! Jessica is the CEO of international nonprofit, Girl Effect.

After working at Sotheby’s auction house for more than five years, Michelle Brown has joined Pentagram, a leading graphic design firm based in NYC, where she works as a project manager specializing in print publications, exhibition design, and environmental graphics.

Graham Immerman’s company, MachineMetrics, a startup leading the effort to bring AI and analytics to manufacturing, has raised $11.3 million in Series A financing. Graham is head of marketing and one of six on the executive team. Learn more at

Dominic Ireland Halliday writes, “Wesleyan wound up turning me into a permanent resident of Connecticut. My wife and I bought a house in Norwalk, allowing us to participate fully in the hallowed state pastimes of grumbling about traffic and taxes. If this kind of thing keeps up, I’m likely to be in the nutmeg import/export business by the 20-year Reunion. Can’t believe that the 10-year is right around the corner—I’m looking forward to attending and hope to see many old classmates on Foss Hill. Going to throw some MGMT bootlegs into the mix as I work in the backyard today. Not much chance of hitting up Mamoun’s food truck after, unfortunately.”

After eight years of working at Lyon-Martin Health Services as trans health manager, J.M. Jaffe created Trans Health Consulting, LLC, a consulting agency.

Thom Sisson and Nina Gonzalez created Mobile Suit Breakdown, a weekly podcast about Japanese sci-fi mega-franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam. Each episode they watch, analyze, and review the iconic anime in the order it was made—researching its influences, examining its themes, and discussing how each piece of the Gundam canon fits within the changing context in Japan and the world, from 1979 to today. Find it at

Jena Gordon and Pearce Talbot were married on Oct. 6 in a beautiful ceremony in Boston. They danced the night away with Andrea Giuliano, Michela Stager Black, Andrew Black, Caitlyn McCann Wong, Eugene Wong, Chris Mixon, Steve Rebh, Rachel Lurie Melikan, Heather Flemming, Kim Lam ’08, Mike Lubrano, Anthony Marsella, Vinny Colangelo, Allan Collins ’08, and Malcolm Hill ’08.

Shane Heckstall writes, “Sup? I started my own business and I’m getting married. Peace.”

Finally, Evan Coleman got married in July 2017 to his longtime girlfriend and got a new job as attorney advisor for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in Worcester.

Thanks for all your contributions. Get excited for our Reunion in May!

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CLASS OF 2009 | 2018 | ISSUE 2

Hi, fellow 2009s. Here are a couple of updates on our classmates. Ray Ward and Lucas Hoeffel both launched new media ventures, Opalite Media and Lucas Hoeffel Photography, each focused on digital media production. They’ve kickstarted several photography/film collaborations while Ray lives in Boston and Lucas in NYC.

Mike Repplier writes, “I tell the stories of people in extraordinary circumstances as a producer for the primetime newsmagazine 20/20 on ABC News. As a booking producer, I manage the people whose stories we tell and am often the first line of reporting. I won my first Emmy Award for my work on a town hall special with President Obama on race and law enforcement. Most recently I helped produce an exclusive interview with Tammie Jo Shults, the hero Southwest pilot who landed her plane after an engine explosion and saved 148 people on board.”

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CLASS OF 2009 | 2018 | ISSUE 1

Hi, fellow ’09ers. Hope everyone is well in the new year. We’ve gathered some notes from your classmates below:

Jess Eliot Myhre celebrated the first birthday of her baby, Monk Eliot Ousley, on Jan. 22. He’s fat, happy, and a genius.

Sophie Reagan lives in D.C. with her husband and dog. She works at Deloitte “trying to help the government one well-aligned PowerPoint deck at a time. We capped off a great summer of Wes weddings, celebrating Sophia Dumaine, Jodie Rubenstein, and Stephanie Pfeiffer ’08.”

Avital Fischer is a resident in pediatrics at Duke in Durham, N.C.

Joe Newman is now senior legal counsel at Ubisoft. He writes, “Anyone looking for a video game contact in the Bay Area can drop me a line!”

Brittany Delany writes, “Cheers to 2018! Resolutions: Build dance pieces. Connect with creatives through my work at La Quinta Arts Foundation and California Desert Arts Council. Sarah Ashkin ’11 and I performed a new duet for The New Feminist Gaze, an art show co-curated by Simeon Den Gallery and Wyld Womx.

Finally, former football teammates Spencer Platt and Peter Overman both welcomed baby boys in December, Nolan Platt and Ollie Overman. “Hopefully someday they will lift together.”

Alejandro Alvarado |

CLASS OF 2009 | 2017 | ISSUE 3

Hi, 2009’ers! Below are some updates on our class:

Oriana Korol is attending graduate school at Portland State University’s social work program after two years working as a wilderness therapy field guide in the desert east of Bend, Ore. She attended Maggie Starr’s beautiful wedding in Hood River and ran into Noa Wotton ’10 at tracker school in Portland.

Reps for Dara Jaffe and Carl Maloni confirm that the two have decided to consciously un-roommate after four years and two apartments together in Los Angeles. The split was amicable and the pair will remain friends, as well as committed parents to their shared art collection and refrigerator. They ask for their privacy to be respected at this sad time.

Claire Kaplan is finishing her MPA degree with an internship at Public Citizen in D.C.

After graduating with an MBA from the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley in May, Claire Levy moved to San Francisco, where she works in product marketing at Adobe.

Chloe Wardropper completed her PhD in environmental studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Purdue University, and started as an assistant professor in the Department of Natural Resources and Society at the University of Idaho. She also got married!

Brittany Delany writes, “Expanding my connections in the Coachella Valley and Southern California desert region, life is weaving well. I co-developed a monthly movement peer practice with Sue Roginski ’87 and served as founding member of feminist creative women’s collective Wyld Womxn. Work at La Quinta Arts Foundation and California Desert Arts Council keeps me on my toes for growing opportunities to help make a meaningful impact in supporting the cultural landscape. Extending a true welcome to any Wes alums looking for a special desert retreat to make, build, share, and create.”

Bryan Wieland married Nicole Petitti on September 3 in Cape Cod at Wychmere Beach Club. He had many fellow Cardinals in attendance. And Russell Follansbee married Emma Nitzberg ’12 on September 3.

Russell Follansbee’s wedding
Bryan Wieland’s wedding

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CLASS OF 2009 | 2017 | ISSUE 2

Hi, Class of 2009! Below are a couple of updates from your classmates:

Adam and Lisa Kirk had a baby girl, Lara James, on May 15.

Caitlyn McCann Wong and Eugene Wong are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Kaia Adele Wong. She was born on June 1 and was happily welcomed at home by her labradoodle brother, Hudson. All are doing well and looking forward to moving back to Boston later this summer.

Kwabea Osae-Kwapong married Jim O’Brien on June 30 in New Jersey.

Alejandro Alvarado proposed to his beautiful girlfriend of three years, Lindsey Harder (and she said YES!). Wedding planning is underway; festivities will take place in summer or fall 2018.

Gedney Barclay is teaching in the humanities and media studies department at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn after getting her master’s from MIT’s Art, Culture and Technology program. She is a fellow at Skidmore College’s Storyteller’s Institute, working on a documentary film and performance project with Asa Horvitz ’10.

Last August, Anthony Marsella was hired for a full-time football position at Salve Regina University in Rhode Island as a defensive backs coach, special teams coordinator, and recruiting coordinator. He will hold the same position going into the 2017 season.

Lastly, Paul Edwards will be receiving his PhD in American and New England studies from Boston University at the end of the summer and will start his position as lecturer of history and literature at Harvard University.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Thanks for sending in notes!

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