CLASS OF 1971 | 2017 | ISSUE 3

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Aloha and a big mea culpa. I did not seek news for this issue so I feel a little guilty. But wait! There is nothing stopping you guys and gals from e-mailing things to me at anytime. The magazine comes out three times a year, so if you think of something, or something special happens in your life, drop me a short note.

I did hear from Jeff Kraines and David Rabban about the passing of our classmate, Rick Schenk. He was an MD and went to Stanford after Wesleyan. Jeff made the comment “Looking at class notes is like marching around Foss Hill in the alumni parade. We get closer to the front!”

As I have said in the past when I have little or no news, you get to hear about my life. I spent the summer in New York, where, incidentally, there was no summer weather. I am working on a new business idea combining healthcare, lifestyles, and the Internet. Anybody interested in the idea, please contact me for more details.

I did manage to go to Oregon for the solar eclipse. For those of you not in totality you really missed an experience of a lifetime. I am hooked. I plan on going to South America in 2019 to see the one there. You just can’t imagine the scene. It’s no wonder in older days, murders, slayings, and overthrows happened when they occurred.

I have been intermittently on Kauai, which is definitely still home. Still love the peace, serenity and beauty of the place. The community is also very engaging. It is just a place I appreciate more after several months in hectic-driven New York City.

Family-wise, my eldest son is working in Silicon Valley in recruiting and human resources. He is married and has two sons, 1 and 2-1/2 years old. I am not “Grandpa,” as I tell myself I am too young for that moniker, so they call me Puna, which is Hawaiian and short for Punahele which means “my favorite.” Of course, I will be when they come often to visit me on Kauai. My other son just finished his residency in anesthesia in Houston and is doing a fellowship in pain. He is getting married in March. My daughter is with Four Seasons Beverly Hills in hospitality.

I was working full-time until April, now just consulting with some biotech companies and looking for some board of director positions or advisory board position in oncology. Any of you in biotech, think of me if you hear of openings.

I will end this discussion about me. I am enjoying my life and its many changes. Keeps me occupied and traveling around. Life is good. Hope all of you are happy and content. And I hope this will make more of you send me your information so you don’t have to read about me again. Aloha.

Neil J. Clendeninn |
PO Box 1005, Hanalei, HI 96714