CLASS OF 1969 | 2017 | ISSUE 1

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John Bach “spent time with Chris Palames ’70, who was recovering from an operation. Despite his wrestling accident, Chris has embodied grace, wisdom, and courage from his wheelchair.” Jeff Richards “produced Significant Other in NYC, co-starring John Behlmann ’04, Lady Day with Audra McDonald in London, and a national tour of Fiddler on the Roof. Saw Bill Edelheit and visited a familiar Wes, just a much younger population.”

Pete Pfeiffer “logs, or will, when the mechanic puts a new engine in my skidder. Dealing with a mile-long, ice-covered driveway, which would make a damned-good bobsled course. I’ve gone from downing big pines to big medical marijuana plants. Four years of conscientious study at Wesleyan are paying off. This may be my last winter in the woods. Dinner with Milt Christianson and a community of friends, so where else would I go?”

Luther Martin, is another grandson for Jerry Martin. “Still casting pearls before AP and American Lit students. Retirement just an abstraction.”

Mike Fink says, “Katey’s at U of South Carolina. I’m struck by the similarities to the times of McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt. Can political class and people unite to create change for polygot society? The family and I are healthy.”

Steve ’69 and Linda Broker ’71 “enjoyed a cruise on the Saone and Rhone Rivers in France. Two Road Scholar trips—Amelia and Cumberland Islands, then to Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. Still birding in Connecticut and on Cape Cod, and became president of Connecticut Ornithological Association.”

Rick McGauley “had kids and grands at the holidays. Fun, exhausting. How did we keep up with our three? Love to get a few Beta brothers together sometime.”

Steve Mathews “sees 100 new people arrive in Nashville every day. Still work in senior field—stuff like Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee and Caregivers by WholeCare. Susie and I have been here since 1972, with children and family here.”

Steve Knox downsized in Montclair. “Simpler life. Retire in three years then will relocate to the Carolinas. I’m alienated from the national government—focusing on a better life for family and community.”

Darius Brubeck congratulated “granddaughter Lydia Elmer ’17. Quartet launched Years Ago at Ronnie Scott’s in London. Received a grant for two stays in South Africa. Cathy and I work on a book about the jazz life in Durban during the ’80s and ’90s.”

Jim Weinstein “has visited all 50 states. Aiming for 100 countries, currently at 95.”

Paul Melrose “was in Denver visiting with Lanning Schiller. We’ve been friends for 52 years.”

Steve Hansel’s Eclectic Investment Partners fund had a good 2016. Family well. He splits his time between Orleans and St. Pete.

Doug Bell “is affiliated with InnovaTerra Ltd., in Uruguay. 550 acres of hemp. We grow, process, and export hemp to world markets.”

John Andrews “retired to Crosslake, Minn., and saw -33 degrees Fahrenheit. Daughter Jane married in Sudagarh, India. She practices internal medicine at Yale, where husband is finishing his MBA.”

Ron Reisner “retired after 15 years on trial bench of New Jersey Superior Court. Hope to get to Wes b-ball game soon. Working part-time for large Jersey firm with office in Red Bank.”

Maj and Tom Earle “spent the holiday in Sydney, with an 11-hour flight from Hawaii home. Fine city, walkable, great food, reasonable prices. Out in the bush, we saw goannas, monitor lizards that grow to five feet. Very nasty.”

Pete Arenella “retired to new life in a rural Mexican village that modernity has bypassed. Six months after a knee replacement, I’m close to normal. Poor Internet, but can still watch Pats/Sox. Three daughters in grad school. Grateful to spend last part of journey with my soulmate.”

Jeff Wohkittel’s new book, Perigee, is on Eric Greene “sells crystals online and enjoys life.” Visakha and Ken Kawasaki promote peace at Rick Vila “skies the steeps in Crested Butte, Colo.” Bill Sketchley “sends best wishes to everybody.”

Closing from Frank Putnam. Karen and “I= live on our orchard in the Blue Ridge foothills of Stuart, Va. Google it. 422 Brushy Fork Lane, Stuart, Va. Fields, pond, house, office, and barn. Our 30 acres (out of a 300-acre family plot) abuts thousands of acres of an elite hunting club. The survivors of their staged birdshoots straggle to our feeders. I have stage 4 prostate cancer and travel is limited. One compensation is the space and ability to commune with nature. We had a major facelift going for our property. Still a professor at UNC consulting on mental health issues for low-income families. Latest book enjoying success on Amazon. I planned to continue part-time at UNC, 2.5 hours away. Everything is in great shape, but, of course, that is time-limited. I’ve lasted this long, just saw a book published, so I’m working on another.”

Always love,

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