CLASS OF 1969 | 2017 | ISSUE 2

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Visakha and Ken Kawasaki’s “Don’t know Whether to Laugh or Cry,” is posted at They have maintained a level of humility and compassion longer than most.

Bob Dombroski said, “Anita and I spent the winter in South Carolina lowcountry. Daughter Ariel is at Columbia pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology. Back to Traverse City, Mich. Check out the new biography of Richard Wilbur. I remember him as a teacher and neighbor in Portland.”

Lynne and Bryn Hammarstrom are “both retired, living on a side-hill farm in Tioga County, Pa. Active in blocking chemo-fracking. Can’t stop it, but try to make it less damaging to air and water. Daughters live in Greensboro, N.C.”

Harry Nothacker urges classmates to read the op-ed by President Michael Roth ’78 in The Wall Street Journal from May 11.

Pete Pfeiffer “hopes my black-sheepish behavior won’t hurt our class image. Politics is exciting these days. Nobody has any idea where we’re headed.”

Bill Demicco “retired after 47 years in medicine. Living in an old farmhouse in Maine. Painting watercolors, but undiscovered. Still married to Marie. In touch with Phil Wallas.”

Tom Earle is a “grandfather of three. Spent Christmas in Australia. June in Italy with wife’s Norwegian family. Recommend SPQR by Mary Beard for Roman history. Aloha.”

Ron Reisner “retired from New Jersey’s Superior Court after 15 years as a trial judge. Now part-time with a large North Jersey firm. Saw Wes beat Tufts in lacrosse. Played golf with Dick Emerson ’68, Pat Dwyer ’67, Jack Sitarz, Jim Martello, Bob Woods ’70, and Fran Spadola, who lives at Pine Wild Golf Course in Pinehurst, N.C., and other 1960s Dekes at the basketball golf outing.”

Paul Melrose sent photos on Facebook.

Steve Knox’s “daughter, Caroline ’03, gave birth to Jensen Knox Lindow on February 26, the first Knox boy of the new generation. Always a good turnout from our era at the men’s basketball golf outing.”

Fran and Paul Dickman “toured North and South Cyprus, focusing on archaeology. Multiple sites. Neolithic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, French, and Ottoman buildings and ruins. Reducing my pediatric pathology work.”

Tony Mohr’s “60s are behind now, age as well as decade. Just finished a messy trial between mother and son. My essay, Rainy Day Schedule, is in an anthology of California writers—Golden State 2017.”

Alex Knopp “looks forward to 10th year of teaching in the Yale Law School Clinic, fifth year with NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and second year as president of the Norwalk Library. Wife Bette finished her first time-travel novel.”

Patty and Paul Nimchek send “congratulations to Jim Martello, who was inducted into the Wesleyan Baseball Wall of Fame. Jim’s 16-inning 1-0 shutout of Amherst was one of the night’s highlight stories. Jack Sitarz driving in Greg Wrobel was the difference.”

John Bach had a letter to the editor in The Nation.

Charlie Morgan “helped found the Hungerford Family Foundation, a genealogical association. I edit the Hungerford World Tree, which placed second at the National Genealogical Association conference in Raleigh. I am also an officer of the Mayflower Descendants and the Myles Standish Colony.”

Carol and Maurice Hakim ’70 bought an antique home in nearby Clinton. We get together for dinner and evenings out. They maintain a residence in Palm Beach Gardens. Maurice has a bottling plant in Toronto for his organic tea products, while Carol works in commercial real estate. Their daughter, Alexandra, lives in NYC and works for Omni Communications.

Darius Brubeck’s “granddaughter Lydia Elmer ’17 graduated Phi Beta Kappa.”

Bob Watson “has a new hip and resumed running. Daughter Joanna is a graduate intern at Yale-New Haven. Son Mark is in Cartagena, where he manages property and is opening a restaurant.”

Don Logie ’68 wrote, “There’s a September American Bar Association Journal article describing Jamie Kalven’s efforts to expose and combat what appears to be rampant police brutality in Chicago. Many years ago Jamie completed a law book started by his late father, constitutional law professor Harry Kalven.”

Doug Bell’s company “harvested 550 acres of hemp, whose CBD is not intoxicating. Skype me at Douglassbell.”

Bill Schroder’s blog, “ going well. Close to 1,000 posts.”

John Wilson “works for Karma Automotive in California. First car delivered. First grandchild (son) arrived January. Visited him in Barcelona in March. Great trip. Best to all.”

David Siegel said, “After 22 years of college tuitions, sent in last payment. Attended son Leon’s graduation from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Retirement beckons.”

Steve Broker and Linda MAT ’71 enjoyed “Utah and Arizona with Louise and Tom ’62. Zion, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon, and Colorado River.”

From Mike Fink: “Jenni, 25, lives in NYC, reports for Youngest, Katie, is a senior at the University of South Carolina. Oldest, Becca, still involved with competitive cheerleading. Whirlwind world keeps us young.”

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