CLASS OF 1965 | 2019 | ISSUE 3

Dear classmates, more welcome news:

Amertat Cohn (né Fredrick): “At Herbalife Nutrition was recognized as a leading distributor worldwide. Still playing basketball and participated in a 60-plus tournament in Hong Kong, representing Malaysia. Photographs exhibited at the Montserrat Gallery in NYC and finishing a documentary, SunSeed, The Awakening. Completed Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training and doing presentations to raise climate change and global warming awareness. Met recently with Swami Chitaitanya (né Bill Winans), now a major public advocate for improved cannabis laws in California.”

Bill Brooks: Emeritus professor of music, University of Illinois, co-editor of a collection of essays about music and World War I, published by the University of Illinois Press. Also, professor of music, University of York, England, and senior research fellow and series editor, Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium.

Major Moise: “After two years in Washington, D.C., we decided to move back to California. Our move east was to be near the kids and grandchildren, who all live in the D.C. area. While that was great, the humidity and winters proved to be too much for my health. Now semi-retired, and wife Lexy works 30 hours a week. My company has a two-year contract with NIH to develop a smart phone app to assess chemo brain in cancer patients.”

Rod Gay: “Spent 25 years living and teaching in Vermont and then worked for a Swiss electrical engineering company. Then on to Reno for five years for work and skiing then back to my hometown, Winchester, Mass., to help out my parents who both reached their mid 90s. Elected to the housing association, which oversees the housing needs of our local senior citizens. Play tennis, golf, and ski. Fortunately, my sister and family reside in Silverthorne, Colo., where I visit to ski once the snow flies!”

Dutch Seigert: “Two full-time jobs: lawyer in NYC and professional poker player in Atlantic City on weekends. Wife is ‘okay’ with the poker if I return home on Sunday in time for Evangelical Presbyterian church services.”

Clyde Beers: “Retired 10 years ago. Do not miss my work as an actuary. That has been replaced by family, gardening, and painting. Followed the example of our daughter by starting a vegetable garden. Some of our plantings: Bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, kale, rhubarb, and four varieties of potatoes. Our salads now have more zing to them!”

David Osgood: “Now retired, which is clearly a life-changing, paradigm shift. On the board of the local mosque and volunteering with interfaith organizations. In touch with Bill Turner, George Adams, Larry Carver ’66, and David Griffith ’66.”

Steve Halliwell: “Wife Anne and I live in Irvington, N.Y., where we raised our two kids. For 10 years involved in two fine-art investment funds. Buy museum quality works and rotate them to the homes of investors over the life of the fund. Now introducing a way to safeguard fine art via a chip on the work. Spent much time in Russia, and write occasionally on Russian money laundering for Reuters and other outlets.

“In contact with Robert ‘Woody’ Sayre in Paris, who taught literature at the University of Paris and continues to publish, and Bill Hunt, professor emeritus, St. Lawrence University, and writing on George Orwell and Catalan politics. See Bill Blakemore in NYC. At Peter Kelman’s birthday party, saw Jim Frost, astrophysics teacher in New York. We see Ted Dreyfus, teacher at The New School. Finally, Tony Schuman, dean of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, is featured on YouTube announcing a major donation to the school.”

Peter Babin: “Life is good for wife Barbara and me! We are Hawaii residents, living on the Kohala coast, but spend several months on the mainland visiting our kids in Las Vegas; Boulder, Colo.; and Clancy, Mont. Our health is generally good and we stay active. I continue to focus on residential and commercial property development.”

Jerry Mellilo: “Lalise and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in July. After more than four decades at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, I am ‘gliding’ to retirement. We look forward to visiting family and friends across the globe, and activities with our 6-year-old grandson, Simon. His dad, our son, Ted, is a history professor at Amherst. Plan to garden more and, in the winter, sculpt in my wood shop. Professor Risley introduced me to wood sculpting, and I am forever grateful to him. On the science side of things, I will volunteer at the National Academy of Sciences and teach and mentor student projects in MBL’s course in environmental science for undergraduates from liberal arts colleges, including Wesleyan.”

Jim Stewart: “Celebrated last year 50 years practicing trusts and estates law. Two eldest granddaughters have turned 8 and identical twin grandchildren turned 5; enjoy working and no plans to retire; taking up pickleball with racquetball. Two daughters, both trust and estate attorneys, one Wesleyan ’00 and one Trinity ’03.”

Philip L. Rockwell |