CLASS OF 1954 | 2019 | ISSUE 2

Gentleman of ’54: It was an interesting but brief 65th Reunion on May 24-25 at Wesleyan. Five stalwarts were there: John Binswanger and Gay, George Ray and Pree, Dick Matthews and Bjorg, and Bob Carey and Libby, plus Jim LaCrosse ’57, who started with us in 1950, but departed after sophomore year for the Army, returning later to graduate. George and Pree were at St. Lawrence University for a granddaughter’s graduation just prior to joining us in Middletown for the 65th.

Seven of you had e-mailed that you were coming. The four who did make it, plus three who couldn’t: Marty Feins, Bob Gruskay, and Bob Monstream. John Mesch had hoped to make it, but was unable to do so.

Bob Gruskay moved to Duncaster, a retirement community in Bloomfield, Conn., where he is teaching a course in opera and one in duplicate bridge. Bob Monstream’s health issues required a three-plus day hospital stay the week of our 65th. Len Stolba sends best wishes to all.

Rod O’Connor writes that he is a survivor of stage 4 melanoma and resides these days at his house in Aiken, S.C. Rod has two daughters plus four grandchildren “well along in successful careers.”

Dave Hodgin checked in with me but couldn’t attend Reunion. Jim Yashar was still in Florida until early June, so he couldn’t attend either. Ruth and Norm Stuessy missed seeing everyone at the Reunion. Terry Hatter was having eye surgery during Reunion week, and Trudy was about to have back surgery. Terry hopes to be there at our 70th. Bruce Storms and Ann are “well and happy but were unable to attend the 65th.” Dan Resnick checked in to say hi. Shep Johnson was unable to make it. Dave Walden says they are not doing much traveling now, so was unable to get to the Reunion. Curt McLaughlin was unable to make it due to a conflict with local family activities.

Sad news, guys: Zeke Richmond passed away on April 9 in his Rhode Island home, reported Ann.

Your scribe, Bob Carey, and bride Libby enjoyed the 65th Reunion with our classmates and their wives. Hope that more than four can make it to our 70th in 2024!

All the best to all of you,

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