CLASS OF 1954 | 2021–2022 | WINTER ISSUE

Hello, classmates! Not many entries for this edition. Hopefully more of you will be able to reply in the future.

Dave Walden says that he has been enjoying his 24 years of retirement. He writes, “Carol and I remain well—no problem (yet?) with COVID. University is on virtual classes, but hopes to return to “normal” soon. Difficult for laboratory classes. We have two grandsons in engineering faculty at Western, and we have not been able to see them! Best wishes to all!”

Bud Johnson enjoyed the last class reports from John Binswanger and Terry Hatter. He now writes, “Lynn and I just enjoyed three grandkids’ graduations via Zoom. Notre Dame’s two speakers set high marks for reality and hopefulness. It might be interesting to pull out our ’54 Commencement Address and print just two or three primary points for reflection. Remember, I was headed to Naval Pilot training a month later. I wonder what I have forgotten!”

Your scribe, Bob Carey, and his wife Libby have been weathering the COVID storm like so many of our classmates. Hunkering down and using Zoom to connect with family and friends. Who had ever heard of Zoom before?

We watched six graduations last spring (four college and two high school) on Zoom—or in one case, by telecom link. Secretly, we said to each other, “This is a pretty efficient way to witness a graduation: front row seats, no travel and no getting up at 6 a.m. to sit in the hot sun for four hours in stadium seats!” All kidding aside, it is wonderful now to be able to give hugs again. I hope you all are well and are getting back to normal, as we are.

CLASS OF 1954 | 2021 | ISSUE 1

John K. Binswanger writes: “To say the least we are in a crazy world, but I hope everyone has stayed well. We decided to get away from the winter so went south for a month, which was a great decision. Fortunately we got the COVID vaccine so we are staying well. My second great grandchild was born in late January, a beautiful little girl. The first was a boy (six months ago) so we now have a great balance and everyone is well. Gay and I are playing a little golf; she is into pickleball so we are both active and having fun.”

   Terry Hatter says: “This is short but sweet. Trudy and I remain housebound due to the pandemic, but in good spirits. We had our first vaccine shots in February and I still work from home as do my law clerks. Stay safe and well.”

CLASS OF 1954 | 2020 | ISSUE 3

Terry Hatter writes: my wife, Trudy, and I are staying safe and following state, county, and local guidelines for dealing with COVID-19, as well as dealing with the smoky air from the many California fires. Our four kids, four grands, and other family members are also “hanging in there.” I am still working but from home as the federal court remains closed. Hope all of you stay well and strong!

618 W. Lyon Farm Dr., Greenwich, CT 06831 | 203/532-1745

CLASS OF 1954 | 2020 | ISSUE 2

Greetings to my fellow ’54ers as we all shelter in place. Thanks to six of you for responding. Here’s what’s going on:

John Binswanger is, like all of us, hunkering down at home, well and happy. John isn’t working but talks to the office every few weeks. While John’s children are mostly close by, he can’t meet with them but can communicate. Stay strong, John.

Ken Davenny writes from the Olympic Peninsula in Northwest Washington State, across the Salish Sea from Victoria, Canada. Ken notes that he and bride Kris have discovered Skype as a way to keep in touch with their families.

From Scotts Valley, Calif., Dave Hodgin reports he is still working regularly, and enjoying the effort to keep his businesses progressing. Hardest hit, says Dave, were his music entertainment classes for small children. However, today a third of their families have joined him for online courses using Zoom. Dave says he is struggling to keep his employees working and paid during these strange times.

Bud Johnson and Lynn are currently self-quarantined in Florida, with hopes of returning to Westchester in mid-June. All eight of their grandkids are home from college or work. One did return to Wake Forest on May 1 for senior year finals but pack up/cleanout and graduation will be later this year. Fortunately, the three in college have summer internships confirmed, but starting late.

Curt McLaughlin is doing well in their continuing care retirement community bubble. While still recovering from a broken and replaced hip, he is doing lots of walking outdoors. Curt is still working on sections of the fourth edition of a new text.

Len Stolba reports that with lots of acreage and multiple structures, and his wife’s vegetable gardens, they have plenty to keep them busy. Len also takes the dog to the park, does the shopping, and feeds his art projects via Lowe’s and Home Depot. Len’s word: “Your car is your safest place and the takeaway window, your friend!”

On a very sad note: Our classmate Norm Stuessy passed away recently, followed shortly by his wife, Ruth. In addition, I learned of the passing of Phil Flagler at Medford Leas in New Jersey. We will all miss them very much.

Meanwhile, your scribe, Bob Carey, and Libby have missed four graduations this spring, including one in London, all due to the pandemic. Our biggest adventure each day is our walk around the loop road here at Lyon Farm in Greenwich, Conn. However, we are becoming experts at Zoom through which we have celebrated family birthdays and graduations. Stay well, you guys, and all the best!

618 W. Lyon Farm Dr., Greenwich, CT 06831 | 203/532-1745

CLASS OF 1954 | 2020 | ISSUE 1

Greetings, Classmates of ’54. Thanks to three of you for responding to my recent email seeking info on your doings.

Shep Johnson reports on three weeks in New England recently to officiate at the wedding of a grandson, and to satisfy his and Nancy’s lobster-and-clam-eating urges. Shep also says his battle with Parkinson’s seems to be at a standoff. Good news!

Len Stolba reported from Maui during a buffet breakfast. Lenny is okay approaching 88 and avoids stress by avoiding all news, especially political.

Dave Hodgin still chairs the Pathfinder Companies’ consulting business (just celebrated 50 years), is treasurer for his family business, MusicMe, Inc., is president of the local Senior Life Association, and is involved in building a performing arts center for his community, Scotts Valley, Calif.

Finally, guys, very sad news in that we lost two more of our classmates this past November: Chuck Davis (Nov. 12) and Dave Redfield (Nov. 26). Meanwhile your scribe, Bob Carey, and bride Libby are off to Sanibel Island, Fla., for five weeks in February and March, then back to Greenwich, Conn., and Bob’s Call-A-Ride and Meals-On-Wheels volunteer activities. That’s it, guys: a wrap. All the best!

618 W. Lyon Farm Dr., Greenwich, CT 06831 | 203/532-1745

CLASS OF 1954 | 2019 | ISSUE 3

Greetings, Classmates of 1954. Thanks for responses from four stalwarts, as follows:

Dave Hodgin is still going to his office every day and says he remains quite healthy. Dave traveled a bit early this past summer, to Estonia and Latvia, then spent 10 days in Hawaii. Still productive and happy, but with one huge “bummer”: missing his wife of 61 years, who died five years ago.

Len Stolba says he remains healthy and happy sitting on their 1.6 acres and managing his biennial barn sale of past art. Len sends cheers to all.

Bud Johnson writes that travel and grandchildren capture his and Lynn’s key attention these days. Two grandsons did internships in Beijing while college sophomores. Bud and bride did visit them once, but vetoed another 15-hour flight! Instead they recently spent Labor Day week cruising the U.K., the Netherlands, and Iceland—where coincidence put them in a thermal power plant with China’s inquisitive ambassador to Iceland! Go, Bud!

Marty Feins writes with sad news: his wife of nearly 65 years, Michelle, passed away this summer after a long illness—thus preventing Marty from attending our 65th Reunion. Marty is now in the process of moving into a condominium in Naples, Fla., and would welcome contacts from his ’54 classmates. Marty’s e-mail is Finally, sad to relate that two more of us have departed: Win Richmond on April 19 and Eric Cone on July 24.

Your humble scribe, Bob Carey, and bride Libby, had a very nice summer, highlighted by a great trip to San Diego to visit Bob’s daughter, Ann, and family, and to go whale watching in the Pacific. In October, we traveled to London to see Libby’s son, Jack, and to attend a memorial service for our daughter-in-law, Julienne, who, sadly, passed away last spring at 53. In November we journey via train to Vermont, to visit Bob’s daughter, Leah, and family. Otherwise, we’re busy with our volunteer activities (for Bob, that’s driving for Call-A-Ride and for Meals-On-Wheels.). Happy Holidays to all.

618 W. Lyon Farm Dr., Greenwich, CT 06831 | 203/532-1745