CLASS OF 2015 | 2017 | ISSUE 3

Mateusz Burgunder wanted to be more adventurous, so he decided to visit Kaito Abe in Osaka, Japan, where they tasted a variety of foods and drinks throughout the day. Kaito received a Facebook message from Mateusz saying that he would visit Osaka next week, and Kaito said “Cool!” They toured around Osaka starting from Kamagasaki (socioeconomically the most challenged area in Japan) to the roof-top garden on Osaka Station building. They wrapped up their tour with sake, plum wine, takoyaki, yakitori, sanma sashimi, oden, and all kinds of great food.

Li Zhong is moving from NYC to Singapore and would love to meet up with Wes alumni there.

Miranda Orbach lives in NYC, where she is a third grade teacher at The Chapin School. She is pursuing a master’s degree in narrative medicine at Columbia University. In her spare time, she volunteers with the Parole Preparation Project doing parole advocacy work on behalf of incarcerated individuals across New York State.

Mary DePascale started a PhD program at the University of Maryland. She is studying human development and quantitative methodology with a specialization in developmental science.

Caitlin Bray joined the Rhode Island Army National Guard. She is in an aviation unit that deployed in October. Caitlin is excited for the opportunity to use all that she has learned and spend a year working with her hands.

Life definitely taught her some hard lessons, but Kimora Brock is now doing amazingly and just finished the Sacred Energy Arts 200-hour yoga teacher training program at the Malibu Healing Center. This is her second 200-hour course, and training in the healing arts and yogic sciences is her passion. Her health foods company, Malibu Trail Mix, is doing well and is in almost every tourist location in Malibu. Check out for more information.

Peter George moved to Sydney in March!

Zia Grossman-Vendrillo, Julia Chanin, and Andrew Hove maintain their relationships over MySpace, speaking only in soft accents and scruffy whispers, but always sweet nothings. Despite digitization and the ongoing fascist agenda, their relationships remain stronger than ever. They are planning a vacation to Carbonia, in which they will tour the famous butterfly farms of the South in search of the perfect chrysalis.

Lilly Holman began her graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she is working towards both her master’s and PhD in film. She is excited to be back in the classroom once again both teaching and learning.

Zoe Feingold left her job at the VA hospital in Boston to start a doctoral program in clinical-forensic psychology at Fordham University in New York. She’ll be working on research related to the effects of trauma on youth in the juvenile justice system.

Virgil Taylor and Lauryn Siegel ’00 are winding their way down the intermixed, overlapping, and colliding street grids of Brooklyn. Over their shoulder they can see another forgetting, another melting, and a new past. Taylor, as of July, lives around the corner from Siegel’s gym, Absolute Power.

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