CLASS OF 2005 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Jeremy May is living in New Haven and doing an oral and maxillofacial surgery residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital (PGY-3). He and his wife, Anna, welcomed their first baby, Magnus, in August. They will likely move back to California when Jeremy is done with his residency in 2017. He keeps in close touch with other Wesleyan grads Josh HollandDavid Wyant, and Blake Maybeck.

Obhi Hazarika is in his first year at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. Burlington is an interesting change from San Francisco. A creature of habit—and while the weather holds—he still commutes exclusively by bicycle and motorcycle, and manages to play the drums almost every day. He and some classmates are thinking about starting a band called Foramen Magnum P.I.

Mary Hui has been living in Cambodia for the last six years, has constructed its first rock climbing gym, and hopes to use climbing as a tool to build up confidence and trust in young people. You can support her crowdfunding campaign here at

Robyn Schroeder married Andrew Tobolowsky (whom she met at grad school at Brown) on June 13th in Dallas. She also finished her Ph.D. this summer, and she’s staying in Providence for a post-doctoral fellowship at Brown’s Center for the Public Humanities. She has had the chance to see lots of very dear Wes friends in Dallas: Jeremy AbramsJess WeidmannEvan LosowLynn Levy, Dave Ruder, and Michael Andolina and Marissa Brostoff ’07 flew in from New York, where they all live and work; Leon Hilton ’07 was there, and had just about finished his Ph.D. in performance studies from NYU. Emily Polak brought her Texan husband, John, down from Boston. Annika Brink and Jon Psotka came from D.C., where they work in environmental justice and labor rights law respectively. The Portland contingent was Dylan MeconisLisa Eisenberg ’06, and Ben Birdsall ’06.

In September, Anay Shah went to Tanzania for vacation, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and came down engaged to his girlfriend, Sheeba Jacob!

On Aug. 2, Jemma Braun and Stephen Siperstein ’06 were married in a small ceremony surrounded by family and friends in the courtyard of the Davison Art Center. They felt blessed to be back on campus to share such a wonderful life event and want to thank Rabbi Leipziger Teva, Kathleen Roberts, and John Kehoe for making the ceremony and celebration unforgettable.

Ez Cukor is enjoying life in New York City and a (not so new anymore) job at the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

Danielle DixonDan Fox, and Hillary Rubesin spent a week in California in August attending the weddings of two of their 64 Fountain housemates. First up, Jana Luft married Jason Barbose on Aug. 2nd in Sonoma (and celebrated with Naomi EkperiginMel McCrea ’06Susanna Nadler ’06, too!). The following weekend Ali Gomer married Andrew Martinez in Pasadena on Aug. 8th. And in between the two weddings, everyone celebrated Dan Fox’s birthday in San Francisco! It was a wonderful week of celebrating new beginnings and old friendships.

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