CLASS OF 1943 | 2015 | ISSUE 3

Again, I regret having to announce three more losses to our Class of ’43 since my last report. Cyrus Quinn, a fellow soccer player and longtime class agent, who was a member of Alpha Delta Phi, died June 29, 2014. Robert Ackart, a Psi U brother, died Dec. 14, 2014; and Rollin Polk, an Episcopal priest, who was a member of Delta Upsilon, died March 16, 2015. These classmates will be greatly missed and our hearts go out to their families.

Here in Virginia we enjoyed some balmy weather this fall. I hope the same was true where you are. I continue to be involved in my bout with cancer. I have already had two operations, and they have just discovered another cancerous tumor. So here I go again!

Fred Mellor writes: “Appreciated your notes. At 95 years, we’re both in our later 50 years of living, making us prone to injury. I fell and hurt my left leg, so I walk with the help of a cane now. We still belong to Portage Country Club, but only for eating out and playing bridge. I gave up playing golf at 92, the year I shot 59 at a challenge round. Our second son moved here (Akron), so we see him a lot at his own apartment or at our house. Our daughter is close by in Cleveland and our oldest son lives in Sweden with our 19-year-old granddaughter. I do not know of any classmates, or how ole’ Wes has grown over the years, but I do enjoy Wesleyan magazine. All that I can remember of sports and Beta Theta Pi fraternity is most favorable. Well, Fred, you do a great job of reporting on our class.”

From Dick Ferguson: “Always so good to hear from you. Don’t have much news for you, but I always think of you when I go past your Wildweed House. Those were the good old days!”

Frederick P. Appleton
100 O’Brien Court, Suffolk, VA 23434